Palworld: Fastest Flying and Ground Mounts for Early Game 1

Are you tired of moving at a snail’s pace in Palworld? Well, buckle up because I’m about to reveal the best early-game mounts that will zip you across the map with style and efficiency.

These mounts are not just fast; they are versatile and can evolve or breed into even cooler variants for later game stages. You’ll want to have these mounts in your inventory at all times.

The Best and Fastest Flying and Ground Mount Pals

The Best Flying Mount in Palworld: Vanwyrm

Palworld: Fastest Flying and Ground Mounts for Early Game 2
The Vanwyrm is a brilliant early game Flying Mount in Palworld (TagBackTV)

The Vanwyrm is a top-tier flying mount with great potential. Initially, they might seem slow, but with a few tricks, they become incredibly fast and efficient. You can find Vanwyrm in specific areas of the map, mainly on the left side or around the starting point, making them accessible early in the game.

Boosting the Vanwyrm: Breed a Vanwyrm with a Foxcicle to get a Vanwyrm Cryst, an upgraded variant with enhanced speed. Focus on breeding for skills like Swift, Nimble, and Ferocious, which significantly increase movement speed and attack power.

The Best Ground Mount in Palworld: Eikthyrdeer

Palworld: Fastest Flying and Ground Mounts for Early Game 3
The Eikthyrdeer should be your go-to Ground Mount Pal in Palworld (TagBackTV)

The Eikthyrdeer stands out as perhaps the best ground mount, especially in the early game. Its ability to trample over enemies while farming XP makes it invaluable.

Enhancing the Eikthyrdeer: Aim to breed an Eikthyrdeer with skills like Nimble, Swift, and Ferocious to increase its speed and combat efficiency. For an even better version, breed your optimized Eikthyrdeer with a Hangyu to create a Terra type, which retains its speed but gains additional ground-type abilities.

Palworld: Fastest Flying and Ground Mounts for Early Game 4
Careful breeding can enhance your Pals in Palworld (TagBackTV)

Key Tips for Mount Optimization

Breeding for Skills: Always aim for the combination of Swift, Nimble, and Ferocious skills in both flying and ground mounts. This ensures increased speed and attack power.

Using the Pal Condenser: Enhance your mount by condensing other similar Pals, thereby increasing its stats significantly.

Leveraging the Statue of Power: This allows further enhancement of your mount by using souls to boost HP, attack, and defense.

Where to Find Vanwyrm, Eikthyrdeer, and Foxcicle

Vanwyrm: Found on the left side of the map or near the starting point, accessible in the early game.

Eikthyrdeer: Commonly found throughout the game world, ideal for early-game capture.

Foxcicle (for breeding with Vanwyrm): Located in the northern part of the map, in the snow biome.

Video Guide

Learn about the fastest Flying and Ground Mount Pals in Palworld here in TagBackTV’s detailed video guide.

Having the right mount in Palworld can transform your gameplay experience. With the Vanwyrm and Eikthyrdeer, you’re not just traveling; you’re conquering the world with speed and style.

Remember, the key is in breeding for the right skills and using the available tools to enhance your mounts in Palworld.

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