Chikipi: Where to Find and How to Catch in Palworld 1

Ready to catch Chikipi, the adorable chicken-like Pal in Palworld?

This guide will explain everything you need to know about finding and capturing this Pal. Let’s get started!

How to Find and Catch Chikipi

Chikipi, a small, egg-shaped Pal with a white body and bright red features, is as cute as they come in Palworld. But it’s not just about the looks; this Pal can be a great addition to any team, especially for beginners.

Where to Find Chikipi in Palworld

Chikipi: Where to Find and How to Catch in Palworld 2
Chikipi location in Palworld

Finding Chikipi is a breeze. Start your search at the Plateau of Beginnings. This is likely where you set up your base, so you won’t have to travel far. Simply follow the road down from your base, and keep an eye out. Chikipi tends to pop up along this path, making it an easy find for anyone starting their journey in Palworld​​.

How to Catch Chikipi in Palworld

Chikipi might look innocent, but catching it requires a bit of strategy. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Chase into a Corner: Use the terrain to your advantage and herd Chikipi into a corner or against a wall.
  2. Swift Strikes: Once cornered, use your weapon to land a few quick hits. This weakens Chikipi, making it ripe for capture.
  3. Pal Sphere Time: With Chikipi weakened, it’s time to use your Pal Sphere. Aim well and time your throw perfectly to capture this elusive Pal.

Remember, Chikipi can be a bit skittish, so approaching it with a bit of tact will go a long way in ensuring a successful capture​​.

Chikipi’s Abilities in Palworld

Chikipi is not just for show; it’s a utility Pal with a range of skills. Its Partner Skill, Egg Layer, means it can lay eggs when assigned to a Ranch. Chikipi’s active skills include Chicken Rush, Air Cannon, Power Shot, Implode, Grass Tornado, Sand Tornado, and Flare Storm. Apart from these combat skills, Chikipi is also great at gathering and farming, making it a practical choice for your early-game strategies​​​​.

Catching a Chikipi in Palworld is fun and rewarding. This guide should help you add this cute and useful Pal to your team with ease. Remember, the Plateau of Beginnings is your go-to spot, and a little bit of strategy goes a long way.

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