Cattiva: Where to Find and How to Catch in Palworld 1

Are you ready to add Cattiva, the nimble and elusive Pal, to your Palworld team?

This guide is packed with insider tips on where to find and how to catch Cattiva, a valuable companion in your Palworld adventures. Let’s dive in!

How to Find and Catch Cattiva

Cattiva, the charming cat-like Pal, is not just a pretty face. This creature is known for its skittish behavior, making it a bit annoying to catch. But don’t worry, with a little strategy and patience, you’ll be a Cattiva-catching pro in no time!

Where to Find Cattiva in Palworld

Cattiva: Where to Find and How to Catch in Palworld 2
Cattiva location in Palworld

To find Cattiva, head to the Plateau of Beginnings. This starting area is a hotspot for spotting Cattiva. You don’t need to venture far; just come off the mountain area and onto the path. Keep your eyes peeled along this route, and you’re likely to spot a Cattiva. They’re known to be quite common, especially on the starting island​​​​.

How to Catch Cattiva in Palworld

Cattiva is known for its swift, fleeing nature when approached. Here’s a step-by-step strategy to successfully capture this quick Pal:

  1. Isolate Cattiva: Look for a lone Cattiva, as attempting to capture one in a group may lead to aggression.
  2. Chase into a Corner: Herd the Cattiva into a confined space like a wall or blockade to restrict its movement.
  3. Land Swift Attacks: Once cornered, use your weapon to deliver a few quick strikes. This weakens Cattiva and makes it ready for capture.
  4. Use the Pal Sphere: With Cattiva weakened and cornered, throw your Pal Sphere skillfully to capture it. Remember, timing is key!

A tip from personal experience: Don’t rush. Patience and timing are your best allies in catching a Cattiva​​​​.

Cattiva’s Abilities in Palworld

Cattiva isn’t just a cute companion; it’s a valuable asset to your team. With skills like Punch Flurry, Air Cannon, Sand Blast, Power Shot, Wind Cutter, Seed Machine Gun, and Pal Blast, Cattiva is versatile in combat.

Additionally, its Partner Skill, Cat Helper, increases your carrying capacity. It’s also suitable for handiwork, gathering, mining, and transporting tasks. By adding Cattiva to your team, you’re not just gaining a pal, but a multifunctional ally​​​​.

With the right approach, you can easily add Cattiva, a swift and resourceful Pal to your team. Remember, it’s all about strategy, patience, and a well-timed throw of your Pal Sphere.

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