Palworld player's Cattiva pulls off Digimon-style "digivolution" to conquer Alpha Pal 1

A Palworld player seemed to be casually fighting an Alpha Pal when suddenly, their Cattiva “digivolved” and grew as big as a titan.

In Palworld, one of the early-game companions that players can get is Cattiva. Cattiva can be one of the best Pals to get early on since they increase the player’s carrying capacity by 50. This can be stacked up to 250 if you have 5 of them in your party.

Many players continue to explore the world with their Cattiva and even encounter the Alpha Pals, which are like area bosses. They can battle them and pick up the loot or even catch them with Pal Spheres.

However, one Palworld player’s experience was vastly different than the rest. They shared a clip that shows a seemingly normal Alpha Pal fight until the Cattiva was hit by the Frostallion. It stood for a bit before it started spinning and flying in the air, seemingly doing a transformation or “digivolving,” as stated by the player.

After the upsizing that the Cattiva went through, the world seemed like it was going through massive destruction and havoc. Fireballs were spawning out of nowhere until the Cattiva finally could land on its feet.

It did not waste any time as it started to throw punches at the Frostallion. It dealt massive damage to the Alpha Pal and defeated it in no time. The player did not have to do anything as his Pal already had his back.

Afterward, the Cattiva casually walked up next to the player. It proudly stood by them, awaiting praise for being the good Pal that they were.

Palworld Cattiva
Proud Cattiva standing near the player

Players were shocked by the evolution that the Cattiva had, with one stating, “Ok this actually blew my mind. Now I want it as a feature.”

There was another commenter who said that they were already Level 48 and weren’t able to deal as much damage to the Frostallion as the Cattiva did in the video. Many of the other players shared various suggestions to help them, such as bringing Wixen to add Fire damage to their weapons.

Cattiva is definitely a good Pal to have when you’re just starting out in Palworld. Not only are they a good companion during your world exploration, but also a good helper in your bases. If you’re unsure where to find a Cattiva, make sure to follow our guide!

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