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Efficiency and organization are key to thriving in Palworld. That’s where transporting work Pals come in, becoming indispensable allies in managing your base effectively.

This Palworld guide will explore the best Pals for this Transporting, explaining why they’re valuable and how to get them.

Best Pals for Transporting in Palworld

Having the right Pals for transporting in Palworld is crucial. They not only help keep your base organized by picking up and storing resources but also allow you to focus on other essential tasks like crafting, exploring, or battling.

Efficient resource management is key to thriving in Palworld, and these Pals are your best bet for achieving that.

Wumpo Botan: Best Pal for Transporting

Best Transporting Pals in Palworld 2
Wumpo Botan is the best choice for Transporting in Palworld (ConCon)

Wumpo Botan is the top choice for transporting, with a level 4 in Transporting skill. It means Wumpo Botan can carry heavier items in one go. This Pal is found at Wildlife Sanctuary 2 or its Alpha version at coordinates 449, -51.

If you’re looking to breed Wumpo Botan, you can do so at level 20 using Penking and Mossanda. Mossanda can be found around level 25-30 but also can be bred (more on this shortly).


Best Transporting Pals in Palworld 3
Quivern is a handy all-rounder Pal in Palworld (ConCon)

Quivern is not just great for Transporting, Quivern aids in Mining and Gathering too. Quivern has Transporting level 3 and level 2 in Mining and Gathering. This is good as it won’t only wait for items to be transported, but Quivern could also help in Mining and Gathering items. Quivern is available as an Alpha fight at coordinates -256, -32

Quivern can be also be bred with Nitewing and Relaxaurus. It’s a multitasking marvel, perfect for bases with a variety of resource gathering needs.


Best Transporting Pals in Palworld 4
Although tough to get, Helzephyr is a valuable Pal (ConCon)

Helzephyr specializes solely in Transporting (level 3), ensuring it focuses entirely on moving items around. Helzephyr can be a bit challenging to acquire, but it’s worth the effort for dedicated transport efficiency.

Best Transporting Pals in Palworld 5
Helzephyr locations in Palworld (ConCon)

Helzephyr can be found during the night time at these locations shown in the heatmap above.


Best Transporting Pals in Palworld 6
Mossanda provides benefits for both woodwork and resource management (ConCon)

Mossanda is an excellent choice for bases with a focus on woodwork and general resource management. Mossanda has level 3 Transporting, and level 2 in Lumbering, Planting and Handiwork. Available during both day and night time, you can get this Pal at around level 25 – 30.

For breeding, combine Penking and Quivern then you’ll get a Huge Verdant Egg and get Mossanda.


Best Transporting Pals in Palworld 7
Gorirat is perfect for players who need help with Wood gathering (ConCon)

Goritat has a good balance in Transporting (level 3) and Lumbering (level 2). It’s found around level 20 and is an ideal choice for those who need assistance in wood gathering. Gorirat can also be bred by pairing Rooby and Caprity.


Best Transporting Pals in Palworld 8
Ragnahawk helps with both Kindling and Transporting in Palworld (ConCon)

Ragnahawk is not just about Transporting; it also assists in Kindling which is both at level 3. Found around the volcano area. It’s a unique choice for bases that have a focus on smelting or cooking. You can breed your own Ragnahawk using Nitewing and Elizabee.


Best Transporting Pals in Palworld 9
Warsect is a tough Pal who can help your base in many ways (ConCon)

Warsect is a great pal for Transporting and Lumbering both at level 3 and has level 1 in Planting and Handiwork. Perfect for a diverse base needing a bit of everything. Warsect is found in level 30 Alpha fights at coordinates 161, -223. You can breed Warsect using Relaxaurus and Sweepa.

Video Guide

Prefer a video guide? Check out ConCon’s discussion about the best Pals for Transporting here.

In Palworld, these Pals can significantly enhance the efficiency of your base, allowing for more time to explore, craft, and engage in battles.

Remember, a well-organized base is the foundation of success in this game. Leverage the power of transporting work Pals in Palworld to maintain an organized and efficient base, giving you more time for adventures and battles.

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