Palworld: Best Items to Get in Early Game 1

Are you diving into Palworld? Getting your hands on the right gear early on can make a significant difference.

In this guide, I’ll share three “overpowered” items that you should aim for in the early stages of your Palworld journey.

“Overpowered” Early Game Items in Palworld

These items are game-changers, providing an edge in exploration, combat, and overall gameplay efficiency.

1. Egg Incubator

Palworld: Best Items to Get in Early Game 2
The Egg Incubator helps you unlock powerful Pals early (True Vanguard)

Unlocked at Level 7: The Egg Incubator is your key to unlocking some of the game’s most potent Pals early on. Don’t overlook this item; it’s more valuable than it seems at first glance.

Source of Ancient Pals: Ancient technology points, essential for unlocking the incubator, can be obtained from world bosses. These bosses, despite their higher levels, aren’t too tough to tackle.

Hatch Rare Pals Early: With the incubator, you can hatch various Pal Eggs you find during your adventures. Manage the temperature effectively, and you’ll see your Pals hatch quicker.

2. Eikthyrdeer Saddle

Palworld: Best Items to Get in Early Game 3
The Eikthyrdeer is an incredibly fast Ground Mount Pal (TagBackTV)

Unlocked at Level 12: The Eikthyrdeer Saddle is a phenomenal asset for traversing the vast landscapes of Palworld.

Enhanced Mobility: This saddle lets you ride your Eikthyrdeer, covering large distances swiftly and unlocking new fast travel points.

Farming Made Easy: Utilize the Eikthyrdeer’s charging horn attack to farm resources efficiently. This way, you can gather meat, eggs, and Pal Fluids effortlessly.

3. Nitewing Saddle

Palworld: Best Items to Get in Early Game 4
The Nitewing should be your go-to when it comes to Flying Mounts in Palworld (TagBackTV)

Unlocked at Level 15: The Nitewing Saddle is an incredible tool for aerial exploration.

Fly to Hard-to-Reach Places: This saddle allows you to access remote locations, collect glowing totems, and find hidden chests and eggs easily.

Explore Dangerous Biomes Safely: You can use the Nitewing to fly around perilous biomes and quickly snatch up valuable resources without putting yourself at risk.

Video Guide

Prefer a video guide? Learn about these three items and more in True Vanguard’s guide to the three most “overpowered” early game items in Palworld.

With these three items – the Egg Incubator, Eikthyrdeer Saddle, and Nitewing Saddle – your early game in Palworld will be not just easier, but more thrilling. They open up new possibilities and strategies that can significantly enhance your gameplay. So, get out there, gather these items, and experience Palworld like never before!

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