Palworld: Best Base Location for Pure Quartz Farm 1

Are you ready to take your Palworld adventure to the next level by farming Pure Quartz? I’m about to guide you through setting up a highly efficient Pure Quartz farming base.

This Palworld guide will help you amass this crucial resource, Pure Quartz, which is key for crafting advanced items like Circuit Boards, late-game kitchen upgrades, and much more.

Best Base Locations for Pure Quartz Farm in Palworld

First Location: This spot has the most nodes (8 – 9 nodes). It’s in a neutral zone within the late-game snow biome, free from dangerous Pals. This makes it perfect for uninterrupted farming.

This is the best location as it has the most nodes (CurtisBuilds)

Second Location: Though it has fewer nodes than the first (about six nodes), it’s still a viable spot for quartz farming. This area is also accessible early in the game if you have cold-resistant gear.

Palworld: Best Base Location for Pure Quartz Farm 2
The second location that has a decent amount of nodes (CurtisBuilds)

Best Pals for Pure Quartz Mining

For efficient mining, you need Pals with at least level 3 mining ability.

Digtoise: Digtoise is a great option for mining, available from around level 18. You can find a dedicated guide about where to find Digtoise here.

Digtoise is the best miner to get, especially in the early game (CurtisBuilds)

Menasting: A good choice as Menasting has level 3 mining which makes him viable to farm Pure Quartz.

Palworld: Best Base Location for Pure Quartz Farm 3
Menasting (The Palworld Wiki)

Astegon: Good for late-game mining as it has level 4 mining.

Palworld: Best Base Location for Pure Quartz Farm 4
You can use Astegon to farm Pure Quartz (CurtisBuilds)

Tips for Efficient Pure Quartz Farming

To really rake in the Pure Quartz, consider setting up bases at both the primary and secondary locations mentioned. This strategy could yield up to 2,000 Quartz. The respawn rate of Pure Quartz nodes seems to be every other day, so keep that in mind for your farming schedule.

Use the Right Tools: A refined metal Pickaxe is a must for mining pure quartz yourself.

Assign the Right Pals: For example, Menasting and Digtoise are great for mining, while Sparkit and Anubis can help with gathering.

Build Simple, Efficient Bases: Your bases should be functional rather than fancy. Focus on efficiency.

Set Up Multiple Bases: If you’re looking for a larger haul, consider setting up a base at both locations mentioned. This can potentially double your daily Quartz intake.

Stay Safe: The late-game snow biome can be treacherous. Ensure you’re geared up with cold-resistant equipment.

Video Guide

Want a video guide? Come check out CurtisBuilds’ guide on the best base location for Pure Quartz farming in Palworld.

Efficiently farming Pure Quartz in Palworld is a game-changer, especially for late-game crafting. By setting up bases at strategic locations and utilizing your Pals effectively, you can secure a steady supply of this valuable resource.

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