Palworld: All Storage Units and their Capacity

Palworld: All Storage Units and their Capacity 1

In the vast and dynamic world of Palworld, managing your resources effectively is crucial for survival and progression.

As you embark on adventures, craft items, and gather resources, you’ll quickly realize the importance of storage. Fortunately, Palworld offers a variety of storage solutions to keep your items organized and secure. Let’s dive into how you can maximize your storage space and protect your belongings with ease.

All Storage Units and their Capacity in Palworld

Storage in Palworld is not just about keeping your items; it’s about doing so efficiently and stylishly. From quaint Wooden Wall Shelves to the massive Large Container, each storage structure has a specific number of slots to help you keep your items organized. Here’s a breakdown of the storage slots per structure to help you plan your space:

Palworld: All Storage Units and their Capacity 2
Storage Units and their Capacity (Mikey_VT)
Storage UnitsSlots
Wooden Wall Shelf 2
Antique Wall Cabinet 3
Iron Wall Shelf 3
Antique Side Chest7
Wooden Barrel8
Small Container10
Cloth Covered Container10
Wooden Chest10
Cooler Box10
Wooden Box10
Wooden Shelf10
Antique Bookshelf10
Antique Chest10
Antique Cabinet12
Large Antique Cabinet15
Iron Shelf15
Long Iron Shelf15
Wooden Barrel Shelf15
Antique Long Cabinet15
Orange Locker20
Antique Wardrobe20
Metal Chest24
Large Container40
Refined Metal Chest40
All Storage Units and their Capacity in Palworld

Level Up to Unlock Storage Options

To discover more storage containers, you’ll need to level up. This can be achieved by expanding your collection of Pals—aim to catch 10 of each type. Additionally, the work done by your Base Pals contributes to your EXP, unlocking new furniture and storage options in your technology tree. It’s a rewarding system that encourages exploration and engagement with the world of Palworld.

Secure Your Storage

With the introduction of storage comes the need for security. Palworld’s storage system includes a feature that allows you to add 4-digit passwords to your containers. This security measure ensures that only you (or those you trust with the password) can access your precious resources.

To set or edit a password, simply press ‘V’ when near a storage container. It’s a straightforward yet effective way to keep your items safe from prying eyes or unwanted guests.

Effective storage and security are key components of your journey in Palworld. By understanding the storage options available and how to unlock them, you can create a well-organized base that caters to all your needs.

Remember to level up by engaging with the world and its creatures, and don’t forget to secure your containers with passwords. With these strategies, you’ll have everything you need to thrive in the expansive world of Palworld.

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