All Legendary Pals and their Locations in Palworld 1

If you’re looking for some of the best Pals in Palworld, look no further than the four Legendary Pals.

Legendary Pals stand out for their exceptional abilities, rarity, and the challenge they present to players aiming to capture them. Here’s a comprehensive guide to finding and capturing all Legendary Pals in Palworld.

All Legendary Pal Locations in Palworld


Jetragon, a legendary dragon-like Pal in Palworld, is a true marvel for speed enthusiasts. Its sleek design and fiery aura are not just for show; this Pal boasts a movement speed that outclasses every other mount in the game.

Jetragon is not just about speed; it also offers unique abilities like the “Aerial Missile,” transforming it into a formidable force in any battle. Despite its high stamina consumption, the sheer velocity and combat prowess make Jetragon a sought-after companion for adventurers who love to zip across the landscape at breakneck speeds.

Jetragon Location in Palworld

All Legendary Pals and their Locations in Palworld 2
Jetragon can be found on the far West of the Palworld at this location

You’ll find Jetragon around the Volcano Island. To reach Jetragon without too much hassle, head to the Ruined Fortress City, which is to the north of the island. From there, navigate carefully to avoid lava – as even with heat resistance, flying over lava can cause significant damage. Jetragon usually roams in the nearby area, so keep your eyes peeled.

How to Catch Jetragon

All Legendary Pals and their Locations in Palworld 3
Capturing Jetragon can be a real problem

Catching Jetragon can be quite a challenge due to its speed and power. It’s vulnerable to ice damage, so bringing Ice Pals, such as Frostallion, will be a huge advantage. During the battle, avoid its attacks and use your strongest moves.

A handy tip is to cycle through your pals, allowing them to use their three skills before switching to the next, maximizing damage output. And don’t forget your rocket launcher – it’s crucial for stunning Jetragon, making it easier to catch with a legendary sphere.


All Legendary Pals and their Locations in Palworld 4
Frostallion is a must-have Pal in Palworld

Frostallion is a majestic and powerful ice-themed Pal, second only to Jetragon in terms of speed. Its elegant appearance, complemented by the icy trail it leaves behind, makes it a visually striking choice.

But Frostallion is more than just a fast mount; it’s also a versatile combatant with abilities like “Blizzard Spike” and “Crystal Breath.” Its unique skill, “Crystal Wing,” allows it to dash forward and freeze enemies, showcasing both its offensive and defensive capabilities.

This combination of speed, power, and utility makes Frostallion an invaluable ally in Palworld.

Frostallion Location in Palworld

All Legendary Pals and their Locations in Palworld 5
Frostallion’s location in Palworld is North in the icy areas

You’ll find Frostallion, the second fastest mount in Palworld, in the icy realms of the northwest corner of the map. The closest fast travel point is the Land of Absolute Zero. From there, head west to a frozen lake where Frostallion spawns. This ice-type pal is not only fast but leaves a visually stunning icy trail in its wake.

How to Catch Frostallion

All Legendary Pals and their Locations in Palworld 6

To successfully catch Frostallion, it’s recommended to use Pals with fire moves, exploiting its ice-type weakness. During the battle, maintaining distance and avoiding its powerful attacks is key. Utilize a rocket launcher for stunning Frostallion, which makes capturing it with a legendary sphere much more feasible. Remember, timing is crucial when launching your capture sphere.


All Legendary Pals and their Locations in Palworld 7

Paladius is a true symbol of power in Palworld. Known for its unique ability to triple jump, Paladius offers unmatched mobility on the ground, resembling a creature that can almost fly.

Its skills like “Spear Thrust” and “Celestial Empower” make it a formidable foe in battle. The blend of high attack and defense stats, along with its substantial health pool, positions Paladius as a top-tier choice for those who prefer ground-based combat and exploration, seeking both resilience and agility in their adventures.

Paladius Location in Palworld

All Legendary Pals and their Locations in Palworld 8
Paladius can be found in the far northeast of the map

Paladius, another legendary pal, can be a bit tricky to find. It’s encountered alongside Necromus in the northeast corner of the desert biome. The nearest fast travel point is the Deep Sand Dunes. Be aware that the desert’s temperature drastically changes between day and night, so bring both heat and cold-resistant gear.

How to Catch Paladius

Engaging Paladius and Necromus simultaneously can be daunting. If you prefer a one-on-one battle, visit at night when Necromus is active, and Paladius is asleep. Focus your efforts on defeating Necromus first, as it’s less tanky compared to Paladius. Utilize your rocket launcher to stun them and increase your chances of a successful capture with legendary spheres.


All Legendary Pals and their Locations in Palworld 9

Necromus, with its dark and mysterious aura, is a legendary Pal that commands attention in Palworld. It’s known for its double-jump capability and skills like “Dark Knight of the Abyss.”

Necromus brings a unique mix of agility and power to the battlefield. Its exclusive skill, “Twin Spears,” showcases its aggressive combat style, making it a fearsome opponent. Although Necromus may not have the health pool of its counterparts, its high attack and defense stats make it a valuable addition for adventurers who favor a more aggressive and dynamic approach in their encounters.

Necromus Location in Palworld

All Legendary Pals and their Locations in Palworld 10

Necromus is found in the same location as Paladius, in the northeast corner of the desert biome near the Deep Sand Dunes. This pal is more active at night, so plan your visit accordingly. The desert climate can be harsh, so pack both types of protective gear to adapt to temperature changes.

How to Catch Necromus

When attempting to catch Necromus, focus on taking it down first before Paladius, as it has less health. Use your most powerful Pals and cycle through their skills efficiently. The rocket launcher again plays a vital role in stunning Necromus, making it easier to capture with a legendary sphere. Remember to time your capture attempts when Necromus is stunned for the best chance of success.

Capturing Legendary Pals requires preparation, strategy, and patience. Ensure you’re adequately equipped with the right gear, Pals, and knowledge of their locations and weaknesses to successfully add these powerful creatures to your collection.

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