Sinatraa “lost every ounce of passion” for Overwatch, but doesn’t rule out return

Sinatraa "lost every ounce of passion" for Overwatch, but doesn't rule out return 1

Star Overwatch player Jay “Sinatraa” Won has taken his talents to Valorant, and that may be a critical indicator of things to come for the Overwatch League in 2020 and beyond.

The reigning Overwatch League MVP and 2019 Overwatch World Cup champion announced this week that he would be leaving his position at the San Francisco Shock, following an initial report by ESPN. The 20-year-old will now compete for Sentinels in Valorant.

Sinatraa later released a statement on Twitter, expressing how he recently lost the motivation to play Overwatch:

Sinatraa "lost every ounce of passion" for Overwatch, but doesn't rule out return 2

During a Twitch stream on Wednesday, Sinatraa was asked why he didn’t wait until the end of the Overwatch League season before announcing his retirement from the game.

“Why do you think I quit?” Sinatraa responded.

“I lost every ounce of passion I had for Overwatch. If I didn’t quit, I would have literally been perma-benched until the end of the league, because I just couldn’t bring myself to like get better.

“I really wanted to. Coaches tried to help me a lot. But I just couldn’t. I said I would and I wanted to. It’s my fault I was benched.”

Sinatraa was also able to pinpoint the reason why he lost passion for the game.

“I think when 2-2-2- came out it definitely killed it for me,” Sinatraa said. “The queue times were like hours long and I couldn’t play a hero I wanted sometimes — everything just sucked about it.”

“I really hope they take out 2-2-2. Everyone liked it as an idea at first, but I swear no one likes it now. I never liked the idea, I always knew it was a horrible idea.”

Although the reigning MVP is moving on from the competitive side of Overwatch, he ensured viewers that he would still be streaming Overwatch occasionally.

He also outlined what would need to happen before he ever considered a return to the Overwatch League in the future.

“It’s like if Overwatch 2 somehow makes the game so good to me and revives it, and then Valorant isn’t doing good or something…. Which I can’t see happening, it’s a very fun game, and everyone likes it.

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