Overwatch League announces TeamSpeak as official voice supplier for next three years 1

TeamSpeak has been unveiled as the new voice chat supplier for the upcoming Overwatch League season in 2020 and the two following years, as well.

The three-year deal was announced today as TeamSpeak now readies a custom voice chat solution for the Overwatch League that looks to provide “ultra-low latency, high reliability, and high-definition audio” for the league’s in-game communication.

“Being selected as the official voice supplier for the Overwatch League is a significant step in the growth and global adoption of our superior voice technology,” Ian Bamford, CEO of TeamSpeak, stated in a press release. “We’re thrilled to set the new de facto standard for in-game communications, powering thousands of professional teams and aspiring pros the world over.”

TeamSpeak and Ventrilo controlled most of the in-game communication market early in the decade before Discord captured the attention of gamers everywhere in 2015. TeamSpeak’s move to establish themselves as a serious voice chat supplier is one that will likely appeal to competitive gamers, particularly the masses of longtime gamers who swapped over to Discord just a few years ago.

TeamSpeak prides itself on providing secure, low-latency in-game communication services with a particular focus on their offline/LAN capabilities.

With the next season of Overwatch League commencing on February 8, 2020, TeamSpeak is already working closely with the league to establish a high-quality fully digital audio solution that will replace the analog on-stage communication systems that were used previously.

“In-game communication is crucial, especially at the professional level where the stakes are high and latency, performance, and quick interaction can make or break a team’s ability to win,” Pete Emminger, vice president of global broadcast at Blizzard Entertainment, stated in the press release.

“As Overwatch League teams get set to host matches in their home markets around the world starting in February, having TeamSpeak as the official voice supplier for all Overwatch League matches will give players the highest quality voice comms available.”

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