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In the vibrant world of Overwatch 2, every hero and ability can be a game-changer. But are there some that maybe shouldn’t have made the cut? Players recently took to Reddit to voice their opinions on which characters or abilities might be out of place in the game’s ecosystem.

The discussion, kicked off by user Johnny_Waffles85, was likely a result of recent changes to Sombra, leaving them feeling a tad overwhelmed.

They posed a question that many might’ve pondered: “Is there a character or ability you think is just not right for this game?”

Here’s what the community had to say:

1. Symmetra’s Shield Generator: A point of contention for many, Symmetra’s shield generator, which once granted her entire team 75 shields, was labeled “extremely broken” by user APrentice726. But as Donttaketh1sserious pointed out, having a Symmetra on your team was its own challenge.

2. Immortality Abilities: The concept of “immortality abilities” was a hot topic. User blinkhit succinctly stated their disdain for such abilities. This sentiment was echoed by others, with AgreeablePie hinting at Baptiste’s Immortality Field. However, Zenyatta’s ultimate ability, Transcendence, got a pass from ryry1237, who felt it was more about rapid healing than true invincibility.

3. Widowmaker’s Inclusion: DestinedHellfire had strong feelings about sniper Widowmaker, suggesting her playstyle was at odds with Overwatch’s core design. PIPBOY-2000 theorized that Widowmaker’s inclusion might’ve been a nod to traditional first-person shooter fans.

In the end, whether you’re getting rolled by Sombra or feeling invincible with Zenyatta, it’s clear that Overwatch 2’s diverse roster sparks passionate debates. And while opinions vary, one thing’s for sure: the game wouldn’t be the same without its colorful cast of characters.

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