Overwatch 2 Review bomb

The Overwatch 2 community is in an uproar as console players are increasingly encountering opponents who use mouse and keyboard setups, leading to a heated debate on whether this gives an unfair advantage.

For console players, the use of a mouse and keyboard provides a level of precision and speed that is hard to match with a traditional controller. This is particularly evident in the case of hitscan heroes, where players need to aim accurately and quickly to secure kills. Console players, using controllers, find themselves at a distinct disadvantage, struggling to keep up with the swift movements and accurate aiming of their mouse and keyboard counterparts.

Players have taken to Reddit to express their frustration and concern, questioning the integrity of the game’s competitive scene.

“It’s extremely annoying because I’m trying my hardest, but as a hitscan main I simply can’t compete,” shared one player, highlighting the impact of this issue on their gaming experience.

Many players are labeling the use of mouse and keyboard on consoles as outright cheating. “It’s the definition of it,” stated one user, pointing out that players using third-party devices like XIM are gaining an unauthorized advantage.

Others have expressed their frustration at the situation, noting that players who resort to mouse and keyboard on consoles are often those who couldn’t compete with PC players. “Losers couldn’t hang with the PC players so they scam the console pool,” commented a player, expressing their disdain for those exploiting this setup.

The community is calling for action, with suggestions ranging from outright bans to the introduction of input lag for players using mouse and keyboard on consoles. “I think XIM should result in a console ban. It trashes the competitive scene on console,” stated one concerned player.

As the debate continues, it’s clear that the Overwatch 2 community is looking for a fair and level playing field. Whether Blizzard will step in to address these concerns remains to be seen, but for now, console players are left to navigate a competitive scene that many believe is being compromised by the use of mouse and keyboard setups.

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