New Overwatch Hero Echo now on Public Test Realm: Here's what she can do 1

New Overwatch Hero Echo is now available on the Public Test Realm on PC. Echo is a Damage category hero who is a multirole evolutionary robot. The new hero represents the cutting edge of technology with rapidly adapting artificial intelligence.

Echo was created by one of the earliest members of Overwatch, Singaporean Scientist Mina Liao. Dr. Liao was considered to be a prominent expert in artificial intelligence and robotics before joining Overwatch and dreamed of making improvements upon the omnic designs that would become the basis for the project that resulted in the new Overwatch Hero Echo.

The robot had severe limits on the making of independent decisions but could be programmed to serve many different purposes, including learning to pilot vehicles, perform construction or medical functions. The robot was programmed to learn through observation and adopted many of Liao’s behaviors, including speech. When Liao’s life was taken in an attack on the laboratory, Overwatch chose to shut the project down and place Echo in storage.

While the robot was transported to a secure government facility, the Deadlock gang hijacked the train. A Blackwatch agent that Echo had befriended, while Liao was still alive, rescued the robot. The robot traveled to Paris to aid the new Overwatch in their battle against the Null Sector incursion. This new hero joins the ranks as the 32nd hero and a full-fledged member of Overwatch.

Echo can glide (Passive) while falling. The robot surges forward quickly, and can then engage in Flight (Shift) freely. The new hero fires a volley of sticky bombs (Secondary Fire) that detonate after a delay. Echo fires three shots at once as part of Tri-Shot (Primary Fire), in a triangle pattern. Her Duplicate (Ultimate) ability creates a double of a targeted enemy hero and gains the use of their abilities. Echo’s focusing beam (E) fires a three-second long stream that does a great deal of damage to targets with less than half their health left.

Echo is now available as the latest hero addition to Overwatch and may be found on the Public Test Realm on PC. For more information, visit theĀ official website.

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