London Spitfire wins

London Spitfire has announced the initial eight members of its roster for the upcoming 2020 Overwatch League season.

The team announced the addition of five new players to the team in a roster reveal video posted to Twitter on Saturday, taking their squad up to eight players.


  • Dae-Han “JMAC” Choi
  • Se-won “BERNAR” Shin


  • Dong-jae “Schwi” Lee
  • Lim “Glister” Gil-seong


  • Yung-hoon “Krillin” Jung
  • Sung-hyeok “Highly” Lee
  • Kyu-min “SanGuiNar” Lim
  • Tae-hoon “Fuze” Kim

JMAC was announced as the new main tank for the Spitfire team following his success playing for Chinese team LGE.Huya. The 19-year-old previously played for Foxes in Overwatch Contenders 2018 but swapped to LGE.Huya in 2019 and helped the team win two Overwatch Contenders titles.

Two new DPS players have joined the 2020 squad. Glister enters the team after two years of experience in Overwatch Contenders: Korea and will play hitscan DPS in 2020. Schwi slides into the team with Overwatch Contenders experience, too, and will play projectile DPS.

The announcement also revealed three new support players to join Krillin, the only remaining member of the Spitfire, in the upcoming season.

Sung-hyeok “Highly” Lee joins from Seoul Dynasty after playing Zenyatta (49%) and Ana (46.7%) in the 2019 season. Kyu-min “SanGuiNar” Lim joins the team after playing with Gen.B in the Overwatch Korea Cup this year. Tae-hoon “Fuze” Kim is another with two years of Overwatch Contenders experience and will play support for the Spitfire after his stint with Fusion University.

Currently, just two members of the announced eight-man squad have experience playing in the Overwatch League. The roster is also thin in both the tank and DPS positions with just two players signed to the team at this time.

Fans can expect the London Spitfire to add more players to the team before the season commences.

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