Bored Ape Otherside

Otherside, the Web3 metaverse game by Yuga Labs, just dropped its latest trailer, and the response has been less than stellar. Despite high hopes for the game, the trailer’s performance issues have left fans concerned and critical.

The trailer, a brief glimpse into the Otherside metaverse, showcases a Koda character and an array of Bored Ape avatars. The setting is visually appealing, with a sunset over a forest and a cabin perched on a cliff. However, the excitement quickly turned to disappointment as fans noticed the trailer’s low frame rate, which sparked widespread criticism.

Fans and critics alike took to social media to voice their concerns and disappointments. Comments ranged from disbelief at the lackluster presentation to sarcastic jibes about the game’s “laggy” appearance.

Industry experts are chiming in too. RealJonahBlake, a noted Web3 gaming expert, advised, “My only suggestion to @OthersideMeta is to increase the frame rate. This trailer is running at what looks to be 30fps or less. Not good.”

One fan quipped about the trailer’s sluggish frame rate, while another expressed dismay at the quality after months of anticipation. The frustration was palpable, with remarks like, “Who thought this was ready to show?” and “This looks horrible, LMFAO” dominating the discourse. The overwhelming consensus was clear: the trailer failed to live up to the hype.

Yuga Labs’ Otherside has been a topic of intrigue and excitement since its inception. Its development journey, marked by earlier playtests in July 2022 and March 2023, was seen as a step towards redefining the gaming landscape with its non-linear structure and integration of blockchain technology.

Players’ requirements to join the Otherside metaverse, including owning an Otherdeed or a Koda, add to the game’s unique appeal. Additionally, its economic model, leveraging ApeCoin for transactions and community governance, hints at an innovative approach to virtual economies.

However, as the February 2024 date for “Trip 3” approaches, this latest setback has cast a shadow of doubt on the project’s readiness and performance capabilities. With the metaverse game still in its beta stage, Yuga Labs faces the challenge of not only addressing these technical concerns but also restoring faith in their vision among a skeptical community.

As we wait to see how Otherside addresses these concerns, one thing is certain: the road to launching a successful, community-driven virtual world is fraught with challenges. Whether Otherside can navigate this path and emerge victorious remains to be seen.

Share your thoughts below – do you think Otherside can turn the tide and deliver a metaverse experience that lives up to its promise?

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