NBA 2K24 January 8 Update Patch Notes: Season 4 gameplay changes & more 1

NBA 2K24 is setting the stage for its next major phase with the January 8 update, laying the groundwork for Season 4, which is set to launch on Friday, January 12.

This update, though not yet live at the time of posting, is packed with a variety of enhancements and fixes across all major modes, ensuring a more immersive and stable gaming experience for players on new-gen consoles. Season 4 officially goes live at 8AM PT / 11AM ET / 4PM BST on January 12.

NBA 2K24 January 8 Patch Notes: Season 4

The NBA 2K24 Season 4 update is only applicable to new-gen consoles: PS5 & Xbox Series X | S.


  • Preparations for NBA 2K24 Season 4, launching on Friday, January 12, at 8AM PT/11AM ET/4PM BST. Stay tuned for what we have in store!
  • The New York Knicks PA announcer will now make calls for the home team with the proper intensity
  • The following players have had general likeness updates or adjustments made:
    • Chet Holmgren
    • Christie Sides (new player scan)
    • Victor Wembanyama (default hair update)
    • Han Xu (new player scan)


  • Reduced the effectiveness of the “Cut to Basket Pass”
  • Resolved a rare hang that could occur when attempting an alley-oop at a very specific time
  • Fixed another case that allowed uncalled double-dribble violations when using dribble emotes while posting up
  • Addressed a rare hang that could occur in the Dunk Contest


  • Many improvements to performance, stability, and visuals have been made to enhance the overall experience in the City
  • Addressed a rare hang that could occur when accessing the Equipment menu in the City
  • Fixed an issue causing the camera to be briefly blocked during jump ball situations in REC games
  • The court status map can now be scrolled for full view while in a shootaround on the ELITE affiliation courts
  • The default MyPLAYER camera can now be selected again once toggled away from during Starting 5 games
  • Skill boosts, including the Additional Turbo Meter, will now be properly utilized in Starting 5 games


  • Multiple fixes and adjustments have been made to improve the overall quest experience and ensure proper progression and quest completion throughout the mode
  • Resolved a hang that could occur when gameplay re-started too quickly following certain record-breaking cinematic sequences
  • Fixed a rare progression blocker that could occur during the offseason when selecting a new team to sign with
  • Resolved a timing-specific issue that could cause control of MyPLAYER to be lost if GOAT Mode activation occurs just before a stoppage in play


  • Fixed an issue that prevented some Evolved or shoe/badge boosted Player Cards from receiving those boosts in Triple Threat Online: Co-Op games
  • The Triple Threat Online: Co-Op score overlay will no longer swap scores at the end of a game
  • Adjustments have been made to the audio for crowd reactions in Triple Threat modes
  • When using the Exchange from the Duplicates or My Collection menu, a delay has been added when using the “Short Press and Hold” setting to avoid accidental exchanges
  • Addressed a conflict between Coach Boosts and Dynamic Duos in certain gameplay situations
  • Added support for additional card types like Coach Cards as Collection Rewards in the Player Market
  • Resolved an issue preventing Shoe Cards from being applied to some Player Cards


  • Various stability fixes and improvements have been made for MyNBA, MyNBA Online, and The W
  • Adjusted the logic so that players are more likely to have interest in signing extensions
  • Fixed a rare hang that could occur if an overtime game ends on a made free throw in a game with the sudden death rule in place
  • The Assists Possession Result slider can now be adjusted as expected independently from the Player Regression Rate slider
  • Option years will now be correctly highlighted when viewing contract details on player cards
  • City edition courts will no longer appear for In-Season Tournament games when City edition jerseys are chosen by the home team
  • Resolved an issue that could cause the Broadcast camera view to be partially obstructed by the fans when playing in the In-Season-Tournament arena
  • Postgame celebration sequences will now appear as expected when winning the WNBA Championship in The W

This update represents NBA 2K24’s significant stride towards Season 4, promising an enhanced gaming experience with improved realism and stability. Players can anticipate a more refined and immersive gameplay as they approach the new season. Stay tuned for more details on what Season 4 has in store!

Catch all the NBA 2K24 January 8 update patch notes below, detailing the comprehensive list of changes and new features coming with this update.

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