NBA 2K24 error code leaves players fuming as The Rec progress is not recorded 1

A critical bug in NBA 2K24 has players infuriated, as victories in The Rec don’t count towards progress or in-game currency.

In a frustrating turn of events, NBA 2K24 players are encountering a severe glitch in The Rec, a popular game mode. The issue has been highlighted on social media, with players showing an error code (4e940a0d) that appears after winning a match, rendering their progress and virtual currency (VC) gains null.

Popular 2K24 content creators are sharing their frustration on YouTube, with JackedBill pointing out, “I’m on my way to Starter 3, which I will never achieve because I’m not wasting hundreds of hours of playing this game.”

This sentiment echoes the frustrations felt by many in the NBA 2K community. The bug not only prevents progression in player status but also halts the accumulation of VC, a crucial in-game currency.

The outrage is further compounded by the high cost of the game and additional in-game purchases.

“This is a billion-dollar company charging $70 for the base game, and they charge you about $70 to $80 per player build,” JackedBill laments, emphasizing the financial investment players make in the game.

2K has responded to the uproar on social media, stating, “We are aware of the connection issues affecting some players in NBA 2K24 and are currently working to ensure everyone can play.”

However, this acknowledgement does little to quell the anger of players. One frustrated fan commented, “Your messaging oversimplifies the issue. Our connection is solid during gameplay and victories, but as soon as the game ends, we’re kicked & unfairly penalized w losses, impacting our stats and progress/VC.”

As the community awaits a fix, the trust and patience of its members continue to be tested. The implications are significant, not just for player satisfaction, but for the reputation and future success of the NBA 2K franchise.

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