How to Play With Your Created Player in NBA 2K24: Guide

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NBA 2K24, the latest installment in the renowned basketball simulation series, offers players the opportunity to create their own basketball superstar.

But how do you actually get your created player onto the court and into the action?

Today, we’ll guide you through the process of playing with your custom player in NBA 2K24.

How to Play With Your Created Player in NBA 2K24

Creating Your Player: Navigate to the ‘feature’ section and select ‘create a player’. If you haven’t already created a player, you can add one here.

Setting Up a Custom Roster: Go to ‘create roster’ and select the league type you prefer, such as ‘modern’. Create a copy of the official 2K sports roster to use as a base.

Adding Your Player to a Team: Navigate to the ‘created players’ section and select your player. Choose ‘copy to team’ and select your desired team. Note: Teams can have a maximum of 15 players, so you might need to release or delete players to make room.

Adjusting Team Rotations: Once added, ensure your player gets playing time. Navigate to the team’s roster and select ‘roster creator’. Adjust the ‘minutes per position’ to ensure your player is in the main lineup.

Saving Your Roster: After making all adjustments, save your custom roster. Name it something memorable for easy access later.

Playing with Your Custom Roster: From the main menu, select ‘play now’ mode. Before starting a match, load your custom roster. Once loaded, you’ll see your created player ready for action on your chosen team.

Playing with your custom player in NBA 2K24 adds a personal touch to the game, allowing you to experience the thrill of NBA action through the eyes of your own creation.

With these steps, you’ll be ready to hit the court and showcase your skills in no time. For more NBA 2K24 tips and tricks, check out our other guides.

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