Perfecting the Pick and Roll in NBA 2K24: Guide 1

The pick and roll is a fundamental basketball play, and in NBA 2K24, mastering it can elevate your gameplay.

This guide will walk you through the steps to execute a flawless pick and roll.

How to Pick and Roll in NBA 2K24

NBA 2K24 brings the excitement of the court to your screen, and the pick-and-roll play is a crucial strategy to understand. Whether you’re setting up a teammate for a dunk or creating space for a jump shot, the pick-and-roll can be a game-changer. Let’s delve into the mechanics of this iconic move.

The best way to learn the pick and roll in NBA 2K24 is to simply head into practice mode and start drilling.

  1. Accessing the 2KU Learning Area:
    • From the main menu, navigate to ‘Play Now’.
    • Move to the ‘2KU’ option and select it.
    • Within ‘2KU’, you’ll find various tutorials, including those focused on the pick and roll.
  2. Basic Pick Control:
    • Press and hold ‘LB’ (or ‘L1’ on PlayStation) to have a teammate set a pick.
    • As the player sets the pick, run past them. They will then roll towards the basket, allowing you to pass the ball back for a potential score.
  3. Choosing the Pick Side:
    • While holding ‘LB’, press the left stick button to switch the pick side.
    • This allows you to decide which side the pick is set, giving you more control over the play.
  4. Controlling Roll or Fade:
    • After setting the pick, use the ‘RB’ button (or ‘R1’ on PlayStation) to decide between a roll or fade.
    • ‘Roll’ sends the player towards the basket, while ‘Fade’ has them move away, setting up for a jump shot or three-pointer.
  5. Slip Screen and Early Fade:
    • Instead of waiting for the pick to be fully set, you can cancel it early by pressing ‘LB’ again.
    • This creates an early fade or slip screen, catching the defense off guard.

The pick and roll is a versatile play in NBA 2K24, offering multiple options based on the situation. By practicing and understanding the various controls, players can seamlessly integrate this strategy into their gameplay. So, hit the court, set those picks, and roll your way to victory!

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