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In NBA 2K24, personalizing your practice sessions in 2KU can make a significant difference. This guide will walk you through the steps to change your practice player in the 2KU mode.

NBA 2K24‘s 2KU mode is a fantastic platform for players to hone their skills, try out different moves, and get familiar with various players. While the tutorial mode has a fixed player, the freestyle mode offers flexibility in choosing your practice player.

Let’s delve into the specifics of how you can make this change.

How to Change Your Practice Player in NBA 2K24’s 2KU

  1. Accessing 2KU: From the main menu, navigate to the ‘Play Now’ section. Move your left stick over to find the ‘2KU’ option and select it.
  2. Choosing the Mode: Within 2KU, you’ll find different modes like ‘Tutorial’, ‘Freestyle’, and more. Note that in ‘Tutorial’ mode, you cannot change the practice player and will be set to Kobe Bryant.
  3. Freestyle Mode: To change the practice player, you’ll need to select ‘Freestyle’. Choose your desired team for practice.
  4. Starting the Game: Once you’ve selected your team, proceed to ‘Start Game’. By default, you’ll begin with one of the team’s players.
  5. Changing the Player:
    • Pause the game and navigate to ‘Substitutions’.
    • Here, you can swap out the current practice player with another player from the team. For instance, if you start with DeRozan and wish to practice with Ball, simply select Ball and switch with DeRozan.
    • Confirm the substitution to see the change take effect.

Customizing your practice player in NBA 2K24’s 2KU mode allows you to familiarize yourself with different players’ styles and strengths.

Whether you’re looking to master a specific player’s moves or just want a change of pace, adjusting the practice player offers a tailored practice experience. Dive back into 2KU with your chosen player and sharpen those skills!

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