NBA 2K24 February 12 Update Patch Notes: Season 5 preparations & MyTEAM changes 1

The latest update for NBA 2K24 is on the way and is set to bring a bunch of enhancements and additions for fans of the basketball series.

Scheduled for release on February 12, the patch looks to make preparations ahead of Season 5. The NBA 2K24 update promises to not only refine gameplay mechanics but also introduce visual updates and performance improvements across various modes.

From honoring basketball legends with memorial stripes and commemorative patches on jerseys to updating player likenesses and fixing game mode-specific issues, the update is packed with content that fans have eagerly awaited.

As anticipation builds, let’s dive into the specifics of what the NBA 2K24 February 12, 2024, patch notes have in store for players.

NBA 2K24 February 12 Patch Notes: Season 5 Prep


  • Preparations for NBA 2K24 Season 5, launching on Friday, February 23, at 8AM PT/11AM ET/4PM GMT. Stay tuned for what we have in store!
  • The George McGinnis #30 memorial stripe has been added to the Indiana Pacers jerseys
  • The Dejan Milojević commemorative patch has been added to the Golden State Warriors jerseys
  • The following players have had general likeness updates or adjustments made:
    • LaMelo Ball (tattoo update)
    • Ish Wainright (tattoo update)
    • Derrick White (default hair update)


  • Various improvements to performance, stability, and visuals have been made to enhance the overall experience in the City and throughout MyCAREER


  • Unlimited Weekend Championship celebration updated to prevent a player from the losing team from winning the MVP trophy
  • Addressed a specific issue preventing shoe cards from appearing on players in Triple Threat Online: Co-Op games


  • Resolved a rare hang that could occur in MyNBA Online when simulating past the All-Star Game with the Start Today option turned on
  • Addressed a hang that could occur in MyWNBA when creating an expansion team and advancing in the season with the Protected Players option turned on

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