Lancelot Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Looking for the best Lancelot build in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB)? You’ve come to the right place!

This Mobile Legends: Bang Bang guide will walk you through the best equipment, emblem, and battle spells for dominating the battlefield with Lancelot. Whether you’re a new player or looking to refine your skills, this guide has everything you need.

Updated on February 12, 2024: We’ve recently updated this guide to keep it fresh and relevant, focusing on Lancelot’s current S-tier status in the meta. As the Blade of Roses continues to excel, we’ve tailored our recommendations to ensure you’re getting the most out of his abilities and playstyle.

Lancelot Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Best Equipment for Lancelot

Lancelot’s prowess on the battlefield is significantly enhanced by selecting the right gear. Each piece of equipment complements his natural agility and devastating damage output, making him a nightmare for the opposition. Here’s the best equipment setup:

  • Tough Boots for magic defense and reduced CC time.
  • Hunter Strike offers cooldown reduction and a significant boost to movement speed upon hitting enemies multiple times.
  • Blade of Despair amplifies his damage output, especially against weakened foes.
  • War Axe provides a balanced mix of physical attack, HP, and cooldown reduction, empowering him with increased damage and survivability as fights progress.
  • Endless Battle delivers true damage after skill use, enhancing his burst potential.
  • Malefic Roar ensures his attacks penetrate even the toughest armor, making him a threat to tanks and squishy heroes alike.

These items synergize with his kit, focusing on amplifying his burst damage, mobility, and penetration, ensuring he remains a versatile and formidable assassin on the battlefield.

Best Emblem for Lancelot

The Assassin Emblem set is non-negotiable. It perfectly aligns with his burst damage and mobility requirements, making it an ideal choice. Within this emblem set, prioritize:

  • Thrill for adaptive penetration, boosting his ability to cut through enemy defenses.
  • Seasoned Hunter enhances his damage against major objectives, bolstering his role as a jungle assassin.
  • Killing Spree talent is a game-changer, granting him a burst of HP and a speed boost upon securing a kill, allowing him to dive, eliminate, and escape or transition to the next target seamlessly.

This emblem setup is tailored to capitalize on his assassination potential, ensuring that each engagement could lead to a kill and a swift getaway.

Best Battle Spell for Lancelot

  • Ice Retribution is the best battle spell to equip. When jungling, this spell enhances his clearing speed and provides a tactical advantage in engagements. The added slow and true damage against heroes and the ability to steal movement speed makes it a crucial tool for securing kills and escaping tight situations.

This battle spell complements his playstyle as a jungle assassin, providing him with the means to control the tempo of the game through aggressive plays and strategic positioning.

By following this guide, you’ve learned the essentials of building Lancelot in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Combine the best equipment, emblem, and battle spell with great positioning on the map and the use of skills; you can master the Blade of Roses and rise through the ranks.

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