Best Cici Build in Mobile Legends: Equipment, Emblem & Spell in MLBB

Best Cici Build in Mobile Legends: Equipment, Emblem & Spell in MLBB 1

Welcome to your definitive guide on the best Cici build in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer looking to make your mark with this hero, you’re in the right place.

Today, we’re introducing the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) build guide into the optimal equipment, emblem setup, and battle spell that will help you dominate the battlefield as Cici. This guide includes the latest strategies and item updates, ensuring you have the freshest insights to keep your gameplay effective and enjoyable.

Updated on March 7, 2024: We’ve refreshed this guide to stay in sync with Cici’s current standing as an S-tier hero in Mobile Legends. Based on her latest performance and the evolving meta, we’ve tailored our recommendations to enhance her strengths and address her challenges on the battlefield.

Best Cici Build in Mobile Legends: Equipment, Emblem & Spell in MLBB 2

Best Equipment for Cici

Choosing the right equipment is crucial for maximizing her sustainability and damage output on the battlefield. Here’s the lineup that we’ve found works wonders:

  • Warrior Boots: For the added physical defense and movement speed, making her nimbler and more resilient against physical attacks.
  • War Axe: This weapon boosts her physical attack and penetration, adding to her overall damage, especially during prolonged skirmishes.
  • Brute Force Breastplate: This enhances her durability and mobility, allowing her to withstand more damage, chase down enemies, or retreat as needed.
  • Hunter Strike: Provides a nice balance of physical attack, cooldown reduction, and extra movement speed, perfect for engaging or disengaging.
  • Blade Armor: Great for countering physical attackers, reflecting damage back to enemies who dare challenge her.
  • Oracle: Increases her sustainability with additional magic defense and HP regen effectiveness, ensuring she stays longer in fights.

Spare Option:

  • Immortality: A safety net that allows her to revive after a fatal blow, giving her a second chance to turn the tide of battle.

Best Emblem for Cici

The Fighter Emblem set with the Agility, Festival of Blood, and Brave Smite talents is a perfect match for her. This setup enhances her mobility and spell vamp and provides additional sustain through unique talent effects. With each successful skill hit, she becomes more formidable in team fights, capable of dishing out and sustaining significant damage.

Best Battle Spell for Cici

Vengeance: This battle spell is incredibly synergistic with her kit, allowing her to reduce incoming damage and reflect a portion of it to her attackers. It’s particularly effective during team fights where she can leap into the fray, sustain herself, and retaliate against her aggressors, making her an unyielding force on the battlefield.

To wrap up, mastering Cici with this build will allow you to fully leverage her S-tier potential, making every match an opportunity to dazzle your enemies with her performance while securing victory for your team. Keep practicing, stay updated on the meta, and most importantly, have fun spreading the joy and chaos she brings to Mobile Legends!

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