Minecraft Sniffer Guide: How to get and what they do

Minecraft Sniffer Guide: How to get and what they do 1

Sniffer is a mob that was added to Minecraft in the 1.20 Trails and Tales update. Here’s everything you need to know about Sniffers in Minecraft.

The Sniffer is an Ancient mob that was thought to be extinct, but since the Trails and Tales update, you can now find these large and adorable creatures that are ready to be part of your Minecraft world.

It makes a great companion, provides seeds for plants that are perfect for decoration and has much potential for upcoming updates.

How to get Sniffer in Minecraft

Before getting a full-grown Sniffer, you will first need to find a Sniffer egg. These eggs can be found in suspicious sand located in ocean ruins. You will need to bring a brush with you and simply hold the right mouse button on these suspicious sand to find the Sniffer egg alongside various loot.

Once you get your hands on one, place the Sniffer egg on land and wait for it to hatch, or alternatively, place it on a moss block to increase its hatching speed.

What do Sniffers do in Minecraft?

Sniffers, when fully grown, will roam around the land, and when on grassy plains, they would sometimes flop on the floor and begin to burrow their heads on the ground and pull out seeds that are described to be ancient and can only be found by Sniffers.

These plants are called the Torchwood and Pitcher Pods, tall and gorgeous-looking plants that are perfect for decorating.

Minecraft Sniffer Guide: How to get and what they do 2

How to breed Sniffers in Minecraft

If you need more Torchwood and Pitcher Pod seeds or just want more Sniffers in general, then breeding them would be a better way to do so than finding more Sniffer eggs.

To breed Sniffers, you will first need two of them, so when you’re out looking for Sniffer eggs, make sure you’d at least come back home with two.

With two full grown Sniffers, you will then need to feed them both with Torchwood seeds and the two Sniffers will show hearts over them and breed together to produce a Sniffer egg.

Baby Sniffers

Baby Sniffers hatch out off Sniffer eggs, these baby Sniffers or Snifflets, will need to grow up first before they could find seeds off the ground.

You can either wait for the Snifflets to grow up, which will take around 40 minutes or two Minecraft days, or you can speed up their growing process by feeding them Torchwood seeds until they grow up.

Minecraft Sniffer Guide: How to get and what they do 3

These gentle giants are truly creatures of beauty that can help add a more pleasing aesthetic in the game and your Minecraft worlds. These Sniffers, lore-wise, are long-forgotten creatures that simply found their new home the moment you found them.

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