Minecraft’s Smithing Templates and How to Get Them

Minecraft's Smithing Templates and How to Get Them 1

Cosmetics on your armor in Minecraft is the most stylish way for you to brag about how much you’ve traveled and grinded in the game. These trims come with different designs to fit your own unique style.

In Minecraft, there are a total of 16 different types of unique Smithing Templates scattered all around the three different dimensions. Collecting them might be tricky, but with this guide, you can be the richest player in your server.

How to Get Minecraft Smithing Templates

How to get The Wayfinder, Raiser, Shaper and Host Armor Trims

Since the Trails and Tales update, we’ve been given a new structure to discover called the Trail Ruins, and here, we can find three different Smithing Templates. These templates are found when brushing through suspicious gravel located under the ground surrounding the Trail Ruins with a brush.

Each suspicious gravel found in these ruins will provide you an 8.3% chance of getting one of the four Smithing Templates, and you can find the Trail Ruins almost anywhere in the overworld; just keep an eye on oddly placed terracotta blocks because it’s a sign that a Trail Ruins is underneath.

How to get Silence Armor Trim

Deep underground of high mountains, you will find the Ancient City, a place home to old structures and treasure waiting for you to grab them. One of these treasures is a Smithing Template called the Silence Armor Trim. You can find this template in any loot chests found in the Ancient City but you only have a 1.2% chance of finding one, meaning your first Ancient City raid may not be your last.

How to get Ward Armor Trim

While you’re still down under, might as well look around if you can find the Ward Armor Trim that can also be located in the Ancient City. This Smithing Template can also be found in any chest in the Ancient City and unlike the Silence Armor Trim, it has a 5% chance of spawning as loot, just make sure not to alert the Warden if you want the loot to be in your inventory at all times.

How to get Sentry Armor Trim

Once you find yourself an Outpost in the overworld, you’ll come across more than just caged allays, a whole army ready to fight you and Bad Omens after defeating their boss because at the top of their tower, loot awaits you! There, you will find all sorts of items and most importantly, the Sentry Armor Trim. Though these Outposts only have one chest per tower, each chest has a 25% chance of giving you the Armor Trim, so you’ll only need to find up to four Outposts to get your hands on this Smithing Template.

How to get Vex Armor Trim

Once you’re ready to trek possible hundreds to thousands of blocks, be sure to look for the Woodland Mansion found in the midst of Dark Oak forests. These mansions are home to some of the most dangerous mobs but harbor some of the best loot you can find, and there you can also find the Vex Armor Trim. These Smithing Templates can be found in any loot chests you can find in the Woodland Mansion, and the chances you’ll get these templates is a whopping 50% chance, meaning it can almost guarantee you the Vex Armor Trim.

How to get Wild Armor Trim

In the dense and lush green jungle biome of Minecraft, you can find an ancient and abandoned structure known as the Jungle Temple, and in here lies a secret room and traps all to protect its precious loot. The Jungle Temple also houses a Smithing Template called the Wild Armor Trim, what’s good about this is not only the fact that there’s a 33% chance of finding the Wild Armor Trim here, it is also ensured that you can find them in pairs!

How to get Dune Armor Trim

Meanwhile, in the emptiness of the desert, you must keep an eye on one structure that stands out from the rest: the Desert Temple. In these old and forgotten temples are treasures buried underneath, and in one of the four chests, you’ll have a 14.3% chance of finding the Smithing Template called the Dune Armor Trim. Just be mindful of the pressure plate, or all of the treasure will explode with you.

How to get Coast Armor Trim

If the ocean is a place you’d want to venture to, don’t forget to look for Shipwrecks found all over the sea because there, you’ll find some of the best pirate loot left behind! These Shipwrecks can contain one to three chests filled with an assortment of loot, and one of these loot is the Coast Armor Trim. On average, there’s about a 16.7% chance that the Smithing Template can be found in each chests and they always come in pairs, this also means that there is in fact a chance that you’ll get six total Smithing Templates in one ship!

How to get Tide Armor Trim

While you’re in the ocean, you might as well take a visit at the Ocean Monument, that’s filled with gold, sponges, and murderous, laser-shooting mobs. The Ocean Monument, however, is the only place to find the Elder Guardian, which, when killed, has a 20% chance of dropping the Tide Armor Trim. This Simithing Template may be the hardest to get, but also worth it! Be sure to bring a Trident, however, because looting enchantment on your sword doesn’t affect the drop chance of the Template.

How to get Eye Armor Trim

Before you reach the end and find the Stronghold, be sure to look around for a library because there, you will find the Eye Armor Trim, which is a great addition to your collection before you finish the game. Exploring the maze-like corridors may be annoying but rest assured that as soon as you see a library, you will get a Smithing Template because there’s always a 100% chance of getting the Eye Armor Trim in chests located in the Stronghold libraries.

Minecraft's Smithing Templates and How to Get Them 2

How to get Snout Armor Trim

In the Nether, opening chests around Piglins is a death sentence, but sometimes you’ll need to take the risk for the loot! In their own home, known as the Piglin Bastion, you will find chests that store a variety of treasures, and one of them is the Snout Armor Trim. In each chests there’s about an 8.3% chance of getting the Smithing Template, but be careful, the Piglins don’t like people messing with their stuff.

How to get Rib Armor Trim

Inside the most sought out structure in the Nether known as the Nether Fortress lies many items and mob drops that are essential to finishing the game, but what’s more is a rare Smithing Template called the Rib Armor Trim. Inside the terrible fortress are numerous chests with each chest having about 6.7% chance of spawning, so tread carefully because you might just need to look around more.

How to get Spire Armor Trim

In the vast endless void and floating islands of the End, are rare structures known as End Cities, where you can find all sorts of loot and of course, the Spire Armor Trim. If you go to the End City and look inside any of the chests there, you’ll have a 6.7% chance of obtaining the rare Smithing Template. It can be from any chests from the End City so even if the odds are low, the larger the End City you find, the more chance you’ll get your hands on the Spire Armor Trim.

Having to traverse three different dimensions, 16 different locations, and all with varying levels of danger can be tedious, but that is why you’ll receive the satisfaction of obtaining all the Smithing Templates, and it is also why people are praised for completing their collection. So, now that you know where to go, grab your pickaxe and start your treasure hunt!

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