Minecraft fans stunned by dreamy cottage-core house that took months to build

Minecraft fans stunned by dreamy cottage-core house that took months to build 1

Minecraft streamer Snifferish has stunned the online gaming community with their unbelievable cottage-core dream house that took months to build. 

Tides may change their ways, and games may come and go, but the Minecraft community stays committed to making the game the most profitable gaming franchise. This is why, even 13 years after Minecraft’s official release, it remains the most popular game for streamers, audiences, and all gamers. 

Among the many joys of Minecraft players are world customization and the endless possibilities of its sandbox feature. More than mining for Netherite or defeating the Ender Dragon, some Minecraft players want to show their creativity in the game. 

This is exactly what Minecraft streamer and content creator Snifferish showcased in their now-viral social media post. The streamer garnered over 160k likes and 11k reposts on their cottage-core dream house. 

If you’re not as “chronically online” as some would be, cottage-core is a visual aesthetic or trend that draws inspiration from nature. Think of it as a Pinterest board associated with flowy dresses, slow-crawling vines on a vintage brick wall, and living a peaceful countryside life. 

Take a more in-depth look at the fantastical house in this video.

Snifferish shares that it took them months to construct their Minecraft masterpiece. After a fellow Minecraft player asked for the mods needed to create the dreamhouse, the original poster shared a list of the mods that made a more artistic approach possible. 

Some of the most visually striking elements of the house include the extended window, drawing inspiration from a greenhouse; the crawling vines on the wooden roof; and the variety of foliage surrounding the house. 

Most Minecraft creations with this level of detail can only be achieved through creative mods and shaders. So pack your list of the most creativity-boosting mods to make the best out of your Minecraft experience!

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