Minecraft fans split over new mob Bogged coming in 1.21 update

Minecraft fans split over new mob Bogged coming in 1.21 update 1

On Valentine’s Day, Mojang dropped a new mob to be added in the upcoming Minecraft 1.21 update known as the Bogged. The players of Minecraft however are split on whether or not they like the new addition of hostile mobs.

The new variation of the skeleton, the Bogged, is a green and swamped-looking skeleton with mushrooms and moss growing around its body. It can shoot arrows with deadly poison and can be found in the trial chambers & swamp biomes. But what exactly are fans of Minecraft saying about the newly added mob?

Minecraft is a vast world with even more things to do, explore and discover. Now that Mojang added the Bogged, this, in a way, enhances the Minecraft experience, but fans that are old and new are not all amused by this new addition.

A player took to Reddit and asked fellow Minecrafters their opinion about the Bogged.

The post garnered hundreds of responses in under a day, with one fan saying that though the design is great, it might be annoying to take on with its ability to poison the player: “It looks sick. Probably gonna make swamps annoying at night.”

Another Minecraft player states “I like it, honestly they should add a bunch of other mob variants in a similar vein to the drowned and husks. Doesn’t seem too hard and would add a lot of variety to the world.”

Minecraft fans split over new mob Bogged coming in 1.21 update 2

But not everyone is as thrilled or amused by it, another user stated “Cave spiders and witches are annoying because of the poison effects, do we really need another poison mob?” and others state similar concerns like this.

The swamp biome being hard to traverse while being hunted down by poison-inducing skeletons does, in fact, sound like a nightmare. However, it is stated that the Bogged has lower HP and firing rate compared to other skeletons in hopes that it balances out the fact that it shoots poison.

At the end of the day, with the vast multitude of players in the Minecraft community, it is challenging to please everyone, and though not everyone will like the Bogged, it is still a great step forward for Minecraft, and many of its players agree to this.

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