When will Minecraft Bedrock Hardcore Mode be released?

When will Minecraft Bedrock Hardcore Mode be released? 1

Minecraft’s famous Hardcore Mode is finally coming to the Bedrock edition, and the developers have given an update on when fans can expect it to be released.

Minecraft’s Hardcore Mode is a mode wherein you can only die once, giving a thrilling experience for your Minecraft playthrough. This was once a Java edition exclusive mode, but now it’s finally coming to Bedrock edition.

The developers at Mojang recently announced that they are working on adding Hardcore mode to Bedrock edition during the release of Java’s snapshot 24W09A. “Mojang recently began work on Hardcore worlds for Bedrock and are working to eliminate bugs,” devs informed players in the snapshot.

Now, the wait is almost over; during the latest Minecraft Preview, the devs announced when the players of Bedrock edition can start playing Hardcore mode in their worlds.

When will Minecraft Bedrock Hardcore Mode be released? 2

When will it be released?

The developers mentioned that we can expect Hardcore mode to be in the Bedrock edition for player testing as early as this spring, which means we can expect the mode to be in the Bedrock edition as early as May or June.

For now, Mojang is ensuring the quality of gaming experience for the players, stating, “Once it goes into testing, it’ll stay in Preview until we’re confident the experience is smooth for both players and creators.”

Mojang is steadily preparing Bedrock and making sure it’s bug-free first before they can fully release Hardcore mode to ensure no player loses their progress because of a faulty game design. Thanks to the hardworking developers of Minecraft, Bedrock players will soon finally experience the thrill of hardcore mode.

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