Minecraft’s Bedrock Beta update breaks Minecraft worlds again

Minecraft's Bedrock Beta update breaks Minecraft worlds again 1

Mojang announced that the Trial Chambers in Minecraft Bedrock edition will now spawn on the same coordinates as Java edition, and in the new Bedrock Beta updates, Trial Chambers are breaking many Minecraft world seeds.

Minecraft’s awaited mystery update is getting closer as we speak, and one of its most anticipated features is the Trial Chambers. This new vanilla experience will enhance the urge to traverse your Minecraft worlds in search of it because it contains challenges, new mobs, and of course, lots of loot.

Mojang is always hard at work making sure that Minecraft keeps its enjoyable and wholesome experience fresh for everyone, but as testing goes and numerous Betas and Snapshots later, game-breaking bugs are still apparent and need fixing.

One such example is the seed Minecraft YouTuber ibxtoycat found that broke a large chunk of bedrock underground, revealing the void beneath.

Minecraft's Bedrock Beta update breaks Minecraft worlds again 2

Not only that but in the Bedrock edition, this Trial Chamber has a literal groundbreaking bug.

If you check the same seed and coordinates in the Java edition, it’s the whole Trial Chamber itself that’s missing.

Minecraft's Bedrock Beta update breaks Minecraft worlds again 3

According to ibxtoycat, “Parity doesn’t necessarily mean parity,” as seen in the Trial Chambers interior in Java and Bedrock are only mostly similar.

The two versions of Minecraft still have different interior arrangements for their Trial Chambers, meaning that when it comes to parity between the two, spawn coordinates are the only thing similar so far.

This may not be the last time we’ll see bugs like this especially in Bedrock Betas, Minecraft is such a huge game itself which would make bug fixing extremely difficult, but as the game and its community grows, so do its devs.

These bugs may be here now, but once the full update comes out, Mojang will make sure that you get to experience it fully as you go out there digging your way to find a new challenge, the Trial Chambers.

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