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Marvel Snap recently introduced a revolutionary new addition to Series 5 – the High Evolutionary card.

Fans are thrilled to integrate this game-changer into their strategies, fundamentally altering how the game is played. This card not only embodies power but also heightens the abilities of other cards in a significant way, propelling Marvel Snap to an entirely new level of gameplay.

If you’re in pursuit of creating the perfect High Evolutionary Marvel Snap deck, then this article is your go-to guide. We’ll provide you with a list of the best High Evolutionary decks as of the latest patch alongside tips and strategies that can help you not only build a quality deck but rack up plenty of cubes with it, too.

High Evolutionary Card: A Game Changer

Best High Evolutionary Decks - Your Ultimate Guide 2

At the start of the game, unlock the potential of your cards with no abilities.

The High Evolutionary card is anything but ordinary. It’s a 4-Cost, 4-Power card with an effect that has the potential to revolutionize how you play Marvel Snap.

This card unlocks new skills at the start of the game for several cards that otherwise lack abilities. In essence, the High Evolutionary serves as a catalyst, amplifying the power of other cards and introducing fresh strategic layers to the gameplay.

The abilities granted by High Evolutionary primarily revolve around two distinct strategies – reducing the Power of cards and providing a player with benefits for having unspent Energy.

Cards with no abilities, like Wasp, Misty Knight, Shocker, Cyclops, The Thing, Abomination, and Hulk are all beneficiaries of High Evolutionary’s effect, becoming more formidable than ever before. So, if you’re looking to construct a potent High Evolutionary deck, these cards are your prime candidates.

Unlocking New Abilities

Here’s how High Evolutionary impacts all of the aforementioned no-ability cards:

Best High Evolutionary Decks - Your Ultimate Guide 3
  • Wasp – On Reveal: Afflict 2 random enemy cards here with -1 Power.
  • Misty Knight – When you end a turn with unspent Energy, give another friendly card +1 Power.
  • Shocker On Reveal: Give the leftmost card in your hand -1 Cost.
  • Cyclops – When you end a turn with unspent Energy, afflict 2 random enemies here with -1 Power.
  • Thing – On Reveal: Afflict a random enemy card here with -1 Power. Repeat this twice more.
  • Hulk – Ongoing: +2 Power for each turn you ended with unspent Energy.

Best High Evolutionary Decks in Marvel Snap

High Evolutionary seems far too strong at the moment. In fact, the vast majority of top win-rate decks in Marvel Snap since the latest patch include High Revolutionary.

We’ll now share some of the best-performing High Evolutionary decks so that you can copy and paste the code into your app and try it out for yourself.

The Best High Evolutionary Deck

Best High Evolutionary Decks - Your Ultimate Guide 4
This standard High Evolutionary deck has recorded a 65.4% winrate in the five days since the latest patch.

High Evolutionary Marvel Snap Deck Code

Simply copy and paste the below code into your Marvel Snap game to re-create this deck for yourself:


High Evolutionary Marvel Snap Decklist

  • (0) Wasp
  • (1) Sunspot, Misty Knight
  • (2) Scorpion, Shocker
  • (3) Cyclops
  • (4) High Evolutionary, Enchantress, The Thing
  • (5) Spider-Woman, Abomination
  • (6) Hulk


This fairly standard High Evolutionary deck has already emerging as one of the best Marvel Snap decks in the game right now.

The deck makes use of all seven no-ability cards in the game, unlocking their hidden abilities and therefore adding tons of value to these cards.

Sunspot is a natural fit in High Evolitionary decks and synergizes perfectly with the benefits of having unspent energy at the end of each turn.

The addition of Scorpion ensures that you’ll be able to reduce the power of even more of your opponent’s cards and therefore reduce the cost of Abomination.

Enchantress is still exceptionally strong even after the recent nerf and has only increased in value now that she has the ability to remove Luke Cage’s ongoing effect that prevents the reduction of power.

High Evolutionary Control Deck

Best High Evolutionary Decks - Your Ultimate Guide 5

High Evolutionary Control Deck Code


High Evolutionary Control Decklist

  • (0) Wasp
  • (1) Nebula
  • (2) Daredevil, Scorpion, Jeff
  • (3) Storm, Cyclops
  • (4) Spider-Man, High Evolutionary
  • (5) Professor X, Abomination
  • (6) Hulk


Although the aforementioned deck has a higher win rate, this one actually nets more cubes on average.

No one could have imagined seeing Wasp, Cyclops, Abomination, and Hulk in a control deck before this recent patch. However, here we are, thanks to the release of High Evolutionary.

High Evolutionary’s addition — alongside the other no-ability cards — to this otherwise standard control deck unlocks a potentially huge turn 6 in which players can dump a surprisingly high-power Hulk and Abomination at end-game.

That late-game powerplay is combined with the outstanding control synergy between Professor X, Nebula, Jeff, and Daredevil in this deck.

Building the Best High Evolutionary Decks

Now that we’ve covered some of the highest win-rate High Evolutionary decks, we’ll dive into how to design and build a successful deck of your own.

Designing an efficient High Evolutionary deck requires meticulous strategy and a keen understanding of your cards’ abilities. With High Evolutionary in your arsenal, your main goal is to consistently reduce the Power of your opponent’s cards while conserving as much Energy as possible to buff your own cards.

The culmination of these strategies is the unleashing of Hulk and Abomination, often together in the late-game phase.

Many High Evolutionary players are already dropping a 20-Power Hulk together with a 9-Power Abomination all in one turn.

The best High Evolutionary decks will feature all or most of the cards enhanced by High Evolutionary, weaving together a well-oiled machine of synergies. Given that a standard Marvel Snap deck consists of twelve cards, a full roster featuring High Evolutionary and the seven cards it modifies leaves you with four unfilled spots.

The strategic inclusion of additional cards like Shang-Chi, Cosmo, and Enchantress can significantly enhance your High Evolutionary deck in Marvel Snap by aligning with your primary deck goals or countering your opponents’ strategies.

Strategic Choices for Additional Cards

If you choose to accommodate High Evolutionary alongside the seven cards that it enhances in your High Evolutionary Snap deck, you’re left with four open slots.

These slots can be filled strategically to complement your main deck strategy or counter your opponents. Here, the choices you make can significantly influence the effectiveness of your deck.

One of the best ways to capitalize on these remaining spots is by introducing cards that align with High Evolutionary’s strategic objectives.

  • Sunspot allows you to gain power for every unspent energy, something you’ll likely be doing anyway if you’re piloting a High Evolutionary deck
  • Enchantress fits seamlessly into a High Evolutionary deck by giving some control ability as well as the ability to counter the rising popularity of Luke Cage
  • Shang-Chi is worth considering as he can target cards that get too powerful, ensuring balance in your deck
  • Cosmo, too, provides a layer of control to your strategy.

Notable Power Reducing and Energy Conserving Cards

A High Evolutionary Marvel Snap deck aims to reduce the power of the opponent’s cards while conserving Energy. Achieving this effectively requires a careful selection of cards that support these strategies.

In terms of reducing power, cards like Hazmat, Luke Cage, and Spider-Woman are ideal choices.

  • Hazmat, a 2-Cost card, reduces the Power of all other cards by one when revealed.
  • Luke Cage, on the other hand, prevents the Power of your cards from being reduced, offering a layer of protection to your lineup.
  • Spider-Woman, though a late-game character, can reduce the Power of all enemy cards at a location, making her a potent addition to the deck.

On the Energy manipulation front, cards like Electro and Wave can be potential choices. Wave, for instance, changes the Cost of all cards in both players’ hands to 4 on the next turn. This makes it easier to bring out high-Power cards like Hulk early in the game, benefiting from his ability and optimizing your Energy usage.

High Evolutionary Synergies

When it comes to creating a powerful High Evolutionary deck, understanding and exploiting synergies is critical.

As we’ve seen, High Evolutionary significantly enhances the abilities of Wasp, Cyclops, The Thing, Abomination, Misty Knight, Shocker, and Hulk, but the magic truly happens when these cards work together.

  • Sunspot, for example, gains +1 Power for each unspent Energy at the end of each turn. Given that three of the High Evolutionary enhanced cards utilize unspent Energy mechanics, Sunspot fits naturally into these decks.
  • Similarly, Lockjaw offers great synergy with cards like Wasp and Hulk, allowing you to swap a played card with a card in your deck.

Hazmat and Scorpion are another synergistic duo that efficiently reduces enemy cards’ Power, further enhancing the effect of Abomination and setting up the field for potential power plays.

She-Hulk also thrives in these decks due to her synergy with unspent Energy mechanics, providing additional flexibility in your strategy.

Countering High Evolutionary Decks

Despite their high power and strategic depth, the best High Evolutionary decks in Marvel Snap are not without vulnerabilities. Understanding these and preparing strategies to counter them is key to securing victory against these formidable setups.

Luke Cage stands as a prominent counter to High Evolutionary decks, thanks to his ability that prevents cards from having their Power reduced. This ability negates one of the main strategies of High Evolutionary decks – reducing the power of the opponent’s cards. As High Evolutionary decks are increasingly popular, incorporating Luke Cage into your deck offers a crucial line of defense.

Similarly, Cosmo is an effective counter to the On Reveal effects common in High Evolutionary decks. By stifling these effects, Cosmo can disrupt the deck’s synergy and strategy.

Then there’s Shang-Chi, who excels at taking out cards that become too powerful, such as Hulk, thereby limiting the effectiveness of the opponent’s High Evolutionary deck.

Remember, however, that countering a High Evolutionary-based deck is less about defeating the High Evolutionary card itself and more about focusing on the specific cards it empowers. A deep understanding of these empowered cards and their synergies is key to developing effective counter-strategies.

High Evolutionary has indeed brought a new dynamic to Marvel Snap, opening up a plethora of strategies with its unique abilities. By empowering cards that otherwise lack abilities, it has pushed the boundaries of what we can achieve with our decks. From power reduction and Energy conservation to creating potent synergies, the best High Evolutionary decks showcase an incredible range of strategies and potential combinations.

But as we’ve seen, the game of Marvel Snap is a constantly evolving battlefield. The High Evolutionary decks we see today are just the beginning. As players continue to experiment and innovate, we’re sure to see even more powerful combinations and strategic depth in the future.

We’ll continue to update this post with trending and successful combinations so that you’ll always have access to the best High Evolutionary decks in Marvel Snap.

What is the High Evolutionary card in Marvel Snap?

The High Evolutionary card is a 4-Cost, 4-Power card in Marvel Snap. Its unique effect allows it to unlock new skills for several cards that lack abilities, thereby significantly altering gameplay strategies and outcomes.

What are some notable cards that benefit from the High Evolutionary’s effect?

Cards with no abilities, such as Wasp, Misty Knight, Shocker, Cyclops, The Thing, Abomination, and Hulk, significantly benefit from the High Evolutionary’s effect. This transforms them into more formidable contenders in the game.

How can I build a successful High Evolutionary deck?

Successful High Evolutionary decks feature all or most of the cards enhanced by High Evolutionary. The main strategy of these decks is to consistently reduce the Power of opponent’s cards while conserving as much Energy as possible. Additional cards like Shang-Chi, Cosmo, and Enchantress can also be included to enhance the deck further.

What are some strategies to counter High Evolutionary decks?

Luke Cage, Cosmo, and Shang-Chi are all effective counters against High Evolutionary decks. Luke Cage prevents Power reduction, Cosmo disrupts ‘On Reveal’ effects, and Shang-Chi can eliminate cards that become overly powerful.

What additional cards work well in a High Evolutionary deck?

Additional cards that align well with High Evolutionary’s strategies include Sunspot, Enchantress, Shang-Chi, and Cosmo. These cards either offer control abilities, counter certain popular strategies, or assist with Energy conservation and Power reduction.

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