Madden 24: How to Turn Off In-Game Music 1

Madden 24, like its predecessors, comes with a soundtrack that plays in the background. While some players enjoy the tunes, others might find them distracting or simply prefer their own music.

Additionally, if you’re streaming, turning off the in-game music can help avoid copyright issues. In this guide, we’ll show you how to mute the in-game music.

Why Turn Off In-Game Music in Madden 24?

  1. Personal Preference: Not everyone enjoys the default soundtrack.
  2. Streaming Concerns: To avoid potential copyright strikes when streaming, it’s safer to turn off the in-game music.

How to Mute In-Game Music in Madden 24

  1. Accessing the Settings: From the home menu, look for the settings option, represented by a cog icon, and select it.
  2. Navigating to Volume Control: Once inside the settings, find and select the “Volume Control” option.
  3. Adjusting Music Volume:
    • Scroll down to the “Music” setting.
    • Use your left or right stick (or corresponding controls) to adjust the music volume. To mute it entirely, set the volume to zero.

Additional Audio Settings: While you’re in the volume control section, you’ll notice other audio settings:

  • Audio Mixes: These presets allow you to adjust the in-game audio balance. You can choose from various mixes that emphasize different aspects of the game’s sound.

Customizing your audio settings in Madden 24 ensures you get the best gameplay experience tailored to your preferences. Whether you want complete silence, a bit of background music, or a specific audio mix, Madden 24 provides the options to make it happen.

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