Madden 24: How to Sell Players in Ultimate Team 1

Madden 24’s Ultimate Team mode is all about building your dream roster, and sometimes that means selling players to make room for new additions or to earn some extra coins. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of selling players in Ultimate Team.

Why Sell Players in Madden 24 Ultimate Team?

  1. Free Up Space: Your roster can only hold so many players. Selling off extras can help you manage your team better.
  2. Earn Coins: Selling players can provide you with coins, which you can then use to purchase other players or packs.
  3. Upgrade Your Team: By selling lower-rated players, you can accumulate coins to buy higher-rated players.

How to Sell Players in Madden 24 Ultimate Team

  1. Accessing Your Items: From the Ultimate Team main menu, navigate to “My Items” using your left stick. This section displays all the items you own.
  2. Selecting a Player to Sell: Browse through your items to find the player you wish to sell. Note that not all players can be sold. Some are labeled “untradable,” especially those obtained from certain packs or objectives.
  3. Viewing Player Details: Select a player to view their details. If the player is auctionable, you’ll see an “Auction” option.
  4. Setting Auction Details:
    • Starting Price: Set a starting price for the auction. Consider setting it close to the player’s median price for better chances of selling.
    • Buy It Now Price: This is the price at which a buyer can immediately purchase the player without waiting for the auction to end.
    • Auction Duration: Choose how long the auction will last (1, 8, or 12 hours).
  5. Posting the Auction: Once you’ve set all the details, post the auction. Your player will now be listed for other players to bid on or buy.

Note: There’s a 10% transaction fee when the auction is completed. For instance, if you sell a player for 2,000 coins, you’ll receive 1,800 coins after the fee.

Selling players in Madden 24’s Ultimate Team is a strategic move that can help you improve your team and earn coins. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your roster or simply declutter, understanding the auction system is key.

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