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In Madden 24, mastering the QB slide can be the difference between a successful run and a costly fumble. Whether you’re scrambling away from defenders or trying to avoid a big hit, knowing when and how to slide is essential. Let’s break down the QB slide mechanics.

How to QB Slide in Madden 24

The quarterback slide is a fundamental move in Madden 24, allowing your QB to safely end a run without taking unnecessary hits. It’s a simple yet strategic move that every player should have in their arsenal.

Steps to QB Slide:

  1. Accessing Controls:
    • From the game’s home page, navigate to the settings by selecting the cog icon.
    • Use the right button on Xbox or R1 on PlayStation to move to “Game Controls.”
    • Under “Ball Carrier,” locate the “Slide QB” command. For Xbox, it’s a tap on the ‘X’ button, and for PlayStation, it’s a tap on the ‘Square’ button.
  2. Initiating the Slide:
    • When your QB decides to run, initially, the slide button (X/Square) will be assigned to pass to a receiver.
    • As you continue the run and move past the line of scrimmage, the passing icons will disappear.
    • Once the passing icons are gone, tap the slide button to initiate the QB slide.
  3. Diving vs. Sliding:
    • If you hold down the slide button (X on Xbox or Square on PlayStation), your QB will perform a dive instead of a slide.
    • Diving can be useful for crossing the goal line or gaining an extra yard, but it exposes your QB to potential hits.
  4. Practice Makes Perfect:
    • To get comfortable with the QB slide, head to the Training Camp from the main menu.
    • Choose “Team Practice” to simulate real-game scenarios.
    • Continuously practice the QB slide until you’re comfortable with the timing and mechanics.

The QB slide is a crucial move in Madden 24, ensuring your quarterback remains safe while maximizing yardage. By understanding the mechanics and practicing regularly, you can seamlessly integrate the slide into your gameplay, making you a more versatile and strategic player.

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