Madden 24: How to Juke 1

In Madden 24, the juke move is a nifty maneuver that can help you evade defenders and gain extra yards. Perfecting this move can give you a significant edge on the field. Let’s delve into the mechanics of the juke move and how to use it effectively.

How to Juke in Madden NFL 24

The juke move is all about agility and quick footwork. It’s a side-step maneuver that can leave defenders in the dust, giving you the space you need to make big plays.

  1. Accessing Controls:
    • From the game’s home page, navigate to the settings by selecting the cog icon.
    • Use RB on Xbox or R1 on PlayStation to move to “Game Controls.”
    • Under the “Ball Carrier” section, you’ll find the “Juke” command. On both Xbox and PlayStation, the juke move is executed using the right stick, moving it left or right.
  2. Executing the Juke:
    • As you’re running with the ball, flick the right stick to the left or right to perform a juke in that direction.
    • Timing is crucial. Juke too early, and defenders might catch up. Juke too late, and you might get tackled.
  3. Practice Makes Perfect:
    • To hone your juke skills, head over to the Training Camp from the main menu.
    • Opt for “Team Practice” mode. This allows you to repeat the same play multiple times, giving you ample opportunities to practice the juke move.
    • Choose a play, run with the ball, and try juking past defenders.

Tips for Effective Juking:

  • Observe the defender’s momentum. If they’re charging at you from the right, a left juke might be more effective.
  • Don’t overuse the juke. If defenders anticipate it, they might tackle you easily.
  • Combine the juke with other moves, like spins or stiff arms, for a more unpredictable running style.

The juke move in Madden 24 is a powerful tool in a player’s arsenal. By understanding its mechanics and practicing regularly, you can weave through defenses and make highlight-reel plays.

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