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Diving into Madden 24’s Ultimate Team mode, one of the most exciting aspects is collecting packs. These packs can significantly boost your team’s performance. Let’s explore the various methods to acquire these packs efficiently.

How to Get Packs in Madden 24 Ultimate Team

In Madden 24’s Ultimate Team, packs are the gateway to enhancing your team with top-tier players. From Live Events to the Marketplace, there are multiple avenues to get your hands on these valuable assets.

Methods to Acquire Packs:

  1. Live Events:
    • Navigate to the top bar and select “Live Events.”
    • Here, you’ll find objectives, events, sets, and more.
    • By completing daily challenges, such as recording passing yards or achieving touchdowns, you can earn packs and XP.
  2. Earning XP:
    • As you play through Ultimate Team, you’ll accumulate XP.
    • Reaching certain XP milestones unlocks additional rewards, including packs.
    • For instance, reaching level 14 can get you a Max Fantasy Pack.
  3. Marketplace:
    • Located on the top bar, the Marketplace is where you can purchase packs.
    • Packs can be bought using points (real money) or in-game coins.
    • Offers vary, with some packs available for coins and others exclusively for points.
  4. Sets:
    • Sets allow you to trade in players for packs.
    • For example, trading in four specific players might get you a 76-77 gold player.
    • More advanced sets, like the Headliners Elite player pack, require specific players but offer higher rewards.
  5. Daily Objectives:
    • Completing daily objectives can earn you significant XP.
    • Achieving objectives for consecutive days can lead to even larger XP bonuses, pushing you closer to pack rewards.
  6. Special Offers:
    • Occasionally, the store features special offers, like the Gold Plus player pack, which can be a bargain.
    • It’s worth checking the Marketplace regularly for these deals.

Acquiring packs in Madden 24’s Ultimate Team requires a mix of gameplay, strategy, and sometimes, a bit of investment. By understanding the various methods available, you can optimize your approach and build a team that’s truly unbeatable.

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