Madden 24: How to Earn XP Fast in Ultimate Team 1

Madden 24’s Ultimate Team mode is vast, offering various ways to earn XP and enhance your team. Today, we’re focusing on the multiple avenues to accumulate XP and how to maximize your efforts.

Ways to Earn XP in Madden 24 Ultimate Team

Earning XP in Madden 24 isn’t just about playing games. It’s about achieving specific objectives, which vary from one mode to another. From field passes to headliners, let’s break down the best strategies to rack up that XP.

  1. Field Passes:
    • Madden 24 offers multiple field passes, each with its unique set of objectives.
    • For instance, the “Season One Field Pass” uses standard XP, while others might use competitive XP or headliners XP.
    • Completing objectives within these field passes, like scoring touchdowns or accumulating pass yards, will earn you XP.
  2. Live Events:
    • Accessible from the top bar, Live Events are a primary source of XP.
    • Here, you’ll find objectives, events, sets, and catalogs that offer XP rewards.
    • Daily challenges, such as buying a pack or scoring a certain number of points, can provide quick XP boosts.
  3. Headliners XP:
    • This mode focuses on earning “Headliners XP” through specific challenges.
    • By playing Headliners challenges or having a Headliner player in your lineup, you can earn significant XP.
  4. Legends XP:
    • Legends mode offers its unique XP, earned by playing Legends challenges or obtaining specific Legends players.
    • Achieving milestones within this mode can yield high XP rewards.
  5. Team Captains:
    • In this mode, you work towards unlocking and upgrading Team Captains.
    • By scoring points, winning games, or completing sets, you can earn “Team Captains XP.”
  6. Consistent Play:
    • Many XP rewards are cumulative, meaning the more you play and achieve daily or weekly objectives, the more XP you’ll accumulate over time.

Earning XP in Madden 24’s Ultimate Team mode requires a strategic approach, focusing on specific objectives and challenges. By understanding the various XP types and how to earn them, you’ll be well on your way to building a formidable team.

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