Madden 24: How to Earn Coins in Ultimate Team 1

Madden 24’s Ultimate Team (MUT) is a dynamic mode where building a strong roster is key. One of the essential components of MUT is coins, the in-game currency. In this guide, we’ll explore the best strategies to accumulate coins and enhance your MUT experience.

How to Earn Coins in Madden NFL 24

Coins are the lifeblood of MUT. They allow you to purchase packs, bid on players in the auction house, and upgrade your team. Let’s delve into the various ways you can earn these valuable coins.

1. Play the Game:

  • Engage in matches, whether solo or head-to-head. Every game earns you coins, with the amount based on your performance.
  • Solo battles, especially, are a great starting point. Adjust the difficulty to suit your skill level and earn coins based on your battle score.

2. Challenges:

  • MUT offers a plethora of challenges that reward coins upon completion.
  • Each challenge has different objectives, and completing them can earn you anywhere from 100 to thousands of coins.
  • New challenges are added regularly, so there’s always an opportunity to earn.

3. Objectives and Daily Tracker:

  • Daily objectives provide specific tasks, like “Achieve 100 rushing yards.” Completing these can net you coins and XP.
  • The daily tracker rewards consistent players. Completing daily objectives for consecutive days can lead to massive XP bonuses.

4. Live Events:

  • Madden 24 frequently hosts live events. Participating and excelling in these events can be a significant source of coins.

5. Leveling Up:

  • As you earn XP and level up in MUT, you’ll be rewarded with coin bonuses. For instance, reaching level 7 might grant you 10,000 coins.
  • Engage in various game modes to earn XP, which in turn boosts your coin count.

6. Strategic Play:

  • The game rewards strategic play. For instance, achieving specific milestones like “Score 60 points in a game” can earn you bonus coins.

Earning coins in Madden 24’s Ultimate Team requires a blend of gameplay, strategy, and consistency. By engaging in various modes, completing challenges, and meeting objectives, you can steadily increase your coin count and build the ultimate team.

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