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In Madden 24’s Ultimate Team, the playbook you use can make or break your strategy. Whether you’re looking for a fresh approach or want to try out a different team’s tactics, changing your playbook is essential. Let’s walk through the process.

How to Change Playbook in Madden 24 Ultimate Team

Your playbook in Madden 24’s Ultimate Team is your game plan, containing all the offensive and defensive plays available to you. But did you know you can switch it up? Let’s explore how to do just that.

Steps to Change Your Playbook:

  1. Acquiring a New Playbook:
    • From the main Ultimate Team menu, navigate to the “Marketplace.”
    • Move to “Auctions Hub” and select the filter on the left.
    • Change the type to “Playbooks” to view available playbooks.
    • You can further narrow down your search by selecting a specific team, like the Giants.
    • Purchase the playbook you desire using in-game coins.
  2. Accessing Your Playbook:
    • On the main Ultimate Team menu, just above “Challenges,” you’ll find “Unopened Packs” if you’ve recently purchased a playbook.
    • Alternatively, within the “Marketplace,” above the “Store” option, you’ll see the same “Unopened Packs” option.
  3. Opening Your New Playbook:
    • Navigate to “Unopened Packs” and select the playbook you’ve acquired.
    • Follow the on-screen prompts to open the pack and add the playbook to your inventory.
  4. Setting Your New Playbook:
    • Go back to “My Team” and select “Lineup.”
    • Navigate to “Strategy” and select either “Offense” or “Defense” based on the playbook type you’ve acquired.
    • Choose your new playbook from the list, and it will be set as your active playbook.
  5. Practicing with Your New Playbook:
    • To familiarize yourself with the new plays, head over to the “Play” area.
    • Select “Practice” to try out the plays in your new playbook and develop new strategies.

Switching up your playbook in Madden 24’s Ultimate Team can breathe new life into your gameplay. By understanding how to acquire and set a new playbook, you can experiment with different strategies and find the perfect fit for your team.

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