Madden 24: How to Change Game Difficulty 1

Madden 24 offers players the chance to tailor their gameplay experience to their skill level. In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to adjust the game’s difficulty to ensure you’re getting the right level of challenge.

Guide: Changing Your Game Difficulty in Madden 24

Whether you’re a rookie just getting started or a seasoned Madden pro, the game’s difficulty settings allow you to set the challenge that’s right for you. From easy-going arcade modes to intense simulation experiences, Madden 24 has something for everyone.

  1. Accessing the Settings: From the home menu, locate the settings option, represented by a cog icon.
  2. Navigating to Difficulty Settings: Within the settings, you’ll find two main options related to difficulty: Skill Level and Game Style.
  3. Adjusting Skill Level:
    • Rookie: Ideal for beginners, this setting offers an easier challenge.
    • All-Madden: For those seeking a tough challenge, this setting makes your opponent nearly unstoppable.
  4. Choosing Your Game Style:
    • Simulation: Offers an authentic NFL experience that plays true to player and team ratings. Expect real-life penalties, injuries, and fatigue.
    • Arcade: Perfect for those who love high-scoring games with limited penalties, no injuries, and no fatigue.
    • Competitive: This is the default setting for online ranked and tournament play. It emphasizes player control and stick skills.

While you can set a default difficulty from the main menu, certain game modes like Ultimate Team have their own difficulty settings. For instance, in Solo Battles within Ultimate Team, you’ll need to select a difficulty before starting a match.

Adjusting the game difficulty in Madden 24 ensures you get the right balance of fun and challenge. Whether you’re looking to breeze through a match or test your skills against formidable opponents, Madden 24 lets you play your way.

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