LEGO Fortnite: How to Fix High Complexity Area Error 1

In LEGO Fortnite, players may encounter the “high complexity area error,” which can be frustrating as it prevents building within the game. Building is a core aspect of LEGO Fortnite, so resolving this error is crucial for a seamless gaming experience.

This guide will provide you with various methods to try and fix this error, based on community findings and best practices.

While there’s no official solution from Epic Games yet, these steps might help you overcome the issue and get back to building and enjoying LEGO Fortnite.

LEGO Fortnite: How to Fix High Complexity Area Error 2

How to Fix the High Complexity Area Error in LEGO Fortnite

Method 1: Log In and Out of Your World

  • Restart Your World: Sometimes, simply closing and reopening your world can soft reset the server, potentially resolving the error.

Method 2: Relaunch Fortnite

  • Close and Reopen Fortnite: Exit the game completely, close the launcher, and then restart Fortnite. This full relaunch might fix the issue.

Method 3: Restart Your Computer

  • Reboot Your System: Turn off your computer and then turn it back on. After rebooting, launch the game and check if the error persists.

Method 4: Check Internet Connection

  • Stable Internet Required: A poor or unstable internet connection can sometimes cause this error. Ensure your connection is stable.
  • Reset Your Router: Consider resetting your router to see if it resolves the connectivity issue.

Method 5: Start a New World (Last Resort)

  • Create a New World: If all else fails, you might need to start a new world. This is a last-ditch effort if the error remains unresolved.

Additional Tips

  • Contact Epic Support: Reach out to Epic Games support for assistance. They might offer the same suggestions, but it’s worth checking for any new fixes or updates.
  • Stay Updated: Keep an eye on updates from Epic Games, as they may release a fix or patch for this error in the future.

The high complexity area error in LEGO Fortnite can be a significant hindrance, but trying these methods may help you resolve it. From simple restarts to checking your internet connection, these steps cover a range of potential solutions.

If the problem continues, starting a new world or contacting support are your final options. Hopefully, one of these methods will allow you to return to building and enjoying LEGO Fortnite without further issues.

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