Attaching wheels in LEGO Fortnite

In LEGO Fortnite, crafting wheels can add a whole new dimension to your gameplay, allowing you to create dynamic vehicles for exploration and fun. Whether you’re planning to build a car or just experimenting with mobile foundations, knowing how to craft wheels is essential.

This guide will take you through the process of crafting both small and large wheels using materials like Flexwood rods and normal Flexwood. So, if you’re ready to roll into the world of vehicle creation in LEGO Fortnite, let’s get started on crafting those essential wheels!

How to Craft Wheels in LEGO Fortnite

Gathering Materials

To craft wheels, you’ll need two key materials:

  1. Flexwood Rods: These can be processed from normal Flexwood.
  2. Normal Flexwood: Obtainable from cacti in the desert biome. Look for large rock structures on the map to locate the desert biome.
Knotroot in LEGO Fortnite
Flexwood Rod in LEGO Fortnite (Epic Games / EasyEarl)

Crafting Process

Once you have your materials, follow these steps:

Prepare a Lumber Mill:

  • Go to your lumber mill.
  • Interact with it and select the option to process Flexwood into Flexwood rods.
Lumber Mill in LEGO Fortnite
Lumber Mill in LEGO Fortnite (Epic Games / EasyEarl)

Crafting Wheels:

  • Press ‘Q’ to bring up your building equipment menu.
  • Navigate to the ‘Toys’ section.
  • Here, you’ll find options for small and large wheels. Choose the one you need.
Get wheels in LEGO Fortnite
Get wheels in LEGO Fortnite (Epic Games / EasyEarl)

Building a Mobile Foundation:

  • Before attaching wheels, you’ll need to create a Dynamic Foundation which is suitable for crafting a vehicle.
  • Once the foundation is ready, attach the wheels to it.

Customizing Your Vehicle:

  • You can further customize your vehicle by adding elements like thrusters.
Dynamic Foundation in LEGO Fortnite
Dynamic Foundation in LEGO Fortnite (Epic Games / EasyEarl)

Tips for Crafting

  • Resource Management: Ensure you have enough normal Flexwood left after processing rods, as both are needed for crafting wheels.
  • Experiment with Designs: Feel free to experiment with different vehicle designs and functionalities.

Crafting wheels in LEGO Fortnite is a fun and creative process that allows you to explore the game world in new and exciting ways.

Whether you’re building a car for racing or just experimenting with different designs, the possibilities are endless. So gather your materials, head to your crafting station, and start building your dream vehicle in LEGO Fortnite!

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