Upcoming Legends of Runeterra update will let you uncap your frame rate 1

If you were one of the many Legends of Runeterra players that were enjoying Riot’s new card game but were disappointed with the game’s limited performance options, you’re in luck. As part of the upcoming Patch 0.9.0 for Runeterra, the studio will be implementing an FPS option on the game’s settings menu. This new drop-down will have three performance options.

The first option is, in fact, the game’s previous default performance setting. This consists of the game only running at 60 FPS during interactive moments, which includes things like grabbing and moving cards around. The rest of the time, however, the game runs at a mere 30 FPS, which can sometimes make for some incredibly jarring transitions. Riot states that this split is because of power concerns on battery-operated devices. 

The second option will simply lock the frame rate at 60 FPS. This will presumably ensure that the game is always running at a high frame rate, but will also double battery consumption if you’re using a laptop or something to that effect. 

Riot’s third and final option being added in Patch 0.9.0 will surely come as a delight to players who enjoy high refresh rate monitors, but they may need to tread carefully. The “60+” setting will effectively uncap the frame rate and will “try to run as fast as possible, up to 240 FPS.” This will understandably be even more demanding on battery-operated machines, and Riot says that “some animations may run faster than intended, which can lead to rare crashes when rapidly navigating through the client.”

The changes come after players frequently criticized Riot’s decision to cap Legends of Runeterra at 30 FPS.

by u/Sagido from discussion The mixed 30-60 FPS lock is jarring… please consider unlocking the framerate!
in LegendsOfRuneterra

by u/benbru92 from discussion It’s a shame LoR is locked at 30 FPS
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This addition is only a small part of Patch 0.9.0. Read more about some of the biggest nerfs coming to the game here.

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