Thresh in Legends of Runeterra

The second stage of the Legends of Runeterra 2019 roadmap is now just days away, meaning that eligible players can play Riot Games’ new digital card-based strategy game from November 14-19.

Legends of Runeterra was unveiled at the 10th anniversary of League of Legends in October. Officially labeled as the “League of Legends card game,” Legends of Runeterra enables players to face off in dynamic combat scenarios using champions that were previously only playable in League of Legends.

Although the game is still in its development phase, Riot Games has allowed selected players to get their hands on the game before its release in 2020.

Players who pre-registered ahead of the Announce Preview Patch were able to test the core gameplay, rewards, and quests from October 15-20.

Limited access will return from 8 AM PT on November 14 through 8 AM PT on November 19 and will be available to all players who participated during the Announce Preview Patch.

Players who were not eligible for the initial opening still have the opportunity to play on November 14 by pre-registering on the Play Runeterra website and by watching Legends of Runeterra gameplay live on Twitch.

The second stage of the 2019 roadmap is dedicated to the new Expeditions mode, but will also showcase other new features and a variety of updates to cards and gameplay.

All progress from the first gameplay window has been retained, and players will receive enough Expedition Tokens and Shards to participate in the draft-based game mode right away.

The Expeditions Preview Patch represents the final time to play Legends of Runeterra in 2019 as the game shuts down before the closed beta commences in early 2020.

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