Three LCS Games to watch in week three: Summer 2020 1

Week two of the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) answered a lot of questions. But, with teams changing their coaching staff this week, and even bigger games than ever, fans are in for a treat here in week three of the LCS.

What games should people tune in for? Read on to find out!

Cloud9 Vs. Team Liquid: The best for…. first.

Friday Night League is going to be an absolute banger this week. 

Cloud9 (C9) and Team Liquid’s (TL) game will be the most important game of the season to this point.  TL was dealt their first loss by Evil Geniuses last week, but they are the only one of the teams in the upper echelon of the league that has yet to play C9. TL is certainly far better than they were in spring, but this game will really be about showing they are up to the task of competing with Cloud9, or if anyone is for that matter.

For Cloud9, they seem as dominant as ever and this game is about sealing the deal of proving it. With all of the major players in the league being dispatched by the squad already, this game will be about showing the Cloud9 is as untouchable as ever during the first round robin.

Tune in for this game on Friday Night League at 10 p.m. EST.

Golden Guardians Vs. Immortals: Turning the corner

‘Why is this game on the list?’ you ask.  Well, clearly you do not have twitter. 

Immortals maybe 0-4 but they have ousted their general manager and head coach over the week this week. Could this week see the return of Jake “Xmithie” Pochero to the starting roster? This week will be highly important to see if Immortals can begin to turn the corner on their season and show some signs of life. 

Golden Guardians are coming off the back of an 0-2 week themselves, so it will be interesting to see how they compare. Immortals have been pretty universally labeled as the worst team in the league.  Golden Guardians came into this season with high hopes, those hopes could be quashed should they lose to this Immortals squad.

This game may not bring the highest level of League of Legends, but it certainly is highly important for both of the teams participating. Check it out on Saturday at 7 p.m. EST.

Counter-Logic Gaming Vs. FlyQuest: The real deal?

This game is surprising in so many ways.

No one expected CLG to come into week three tied for second place in the league, but here they are. Their only loss came in losing a perfect game to Evil Geniuses. It is fair to say that they have had a relatively easy strength of schedule, but nonetheless they currently have the same amount of wins they had in the entirety of spring. While they have most definitely improved over last season (which isn’t much of a compliment), it is hard to say that CLG are contenders unless they finally take the fight to the big teams. That starts right here, right now.

FlyQuest doesn’t have much to gain from winning this game. Sure, they will distinguish themselves as probably the second-best team in the league, but most people are already putting them there. This game is all about CLG, but FlyQuest continuously, even now, fly under the radar. Why are more people not talking about this team? They look killer! This is the game that could elevate them into the conversation if they win, or completely boot them out of it if they lose.

This not only an important game, but it is also the first of the week! Check it out at 9 p.m. EST on Friday Night League.

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