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Riot Games has announced plans to revamp the Champion Mastery system in League of Legends, specifically targeting players who dedicate themselves to mastering a single champion.

The game-changing update, set to roll out in 2024, aims to acknowledge and celebrate the unwavering commitment of these League of Legends players, commonly known as ‘one-tricks.’

Currently, the Champion Mastery system, capped at Mastery Level 7, offers rewards based on a player’s proficiency with each champion.

However, feedback from the community has indicated that this system falls short in recognizing the depth of commitment and skill that one-tricks bring to their favorite champions. In response, Riot’s upcoming upgrades are poised to fill this gap.

The essence of one-tricking lies in the player’s decision to focus almost exclusively on a single champion, irrespective of the game’s evolving meta or balance changes. This specialization allows players to develop a profound understanding of their champion’s mechanics, matchups, and strategies, often resulting in exceptional skill and gameplay knowledge.

Despite this, the current mastery system does not adequately differentiate between a player who has achieved Mastery Level 7 through broad play across many champions and a true one-trick who has honed their skills with a single champion over hundreds, if not thousands, of games.

Riot’s recognition of this distinction is a significant nod to the dedication of one-tricks. As part of the broader League of Legends experience, this change also aligns with Riot’s commitment to evolving the game’s business model and player experience.

The company has emphasized its focus on making a great game, ensuring that winning in League is about skill and not spending money, and ensuring players feel good about their purchases.

This development highlights Riot’s ongoing efforts to tailor the game experience to diverse player motivations, ranging from competitive play to champion mastery. It acknowledges the unique contribution of one-tricks to the League community, adding a layer of depth to the game’s already rich competitive landscape.

As the specifics of these changes are still under wraps, the League community eagerly awaits further details on how Riot plans to uniquely acknowledge the perseverance and expertise of one-trick players.

This move could potentially inspire a new wave of players to delve deeper into mastering their favorite champions, contributing to an ever-evolving and dynamic gameplay environment.

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