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League of Legends lead producer of gameplay Jeremy “Brightmoon” Lee recently reached out to the Twitter community for suggestions about how to improve the ranked system. League of Legends Season 10 commenced on January 10, meaning that Brightmoon is now looking for ways to improve the experience ahead of Season 11.

One of the many themes highlighted in the responses to Brightmoon’s tweet was that League players are not satisfied with the promotion system. Many players replied that the system is too punishing for every loss and that promotion games are too often and too high stake considering the chances of being matched with an AFK player or autofill. Some players suggested removing promos for changes between divisions and only keeping the system in place for movements between tiers.

Another player pointed out that it’s too common to be matched with an AFK player on their team. Players have also expressed their frustration of being matched with a seemingly unskilled player or intentional feeder. One way to resolve this issue would be to have harsher punishments for players who are intentionally making games unenjoyable.

Matchmaking could also be improved in Season 11. Players seek fair games, and that means that teams need to be balanced. Players have reported that it’s no longer uncommon to see games filled with players anywhere from Bronze to Gold, highlighting a significant gap between player abilities.

Brightmoon will continue to ‘take notes and find themes’ from the replies on Twitter, and we can only hope that some of these issues will be looked at before Season 11.

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