League of Legends players in uproar over new Irelia skin's "unrecognizable design” 1

League of Legends players are scrutinizing the new Porcelain Irelia skin after looking like an entirely different person to Champion’s original design

League of Legends just unveiled the new Champions to receive its iconic Porcelain skin line for the Lunar New Year. This year, the Champions on the roster include Morgana, Irelia, Miss Fortune, Kindred, Darius, and Graves – with Aurelion Sol and Kindred receiving Legendary and Prestige class skins, respectively. 

However, many LoL players were not amused by Irelia’s new Porcelain skin. As stunning as the line inspired by “ancient spirits” may seem, Irelia mains and dedicated players slammed Riot for making their beloved Champion look “entirely different.” 

Porcelain Irelia faces scrutiny for looking “entirely different”

League of Legends released the 2024 Porcelain official art on social media platforms on February 7. It didn’t take long for the community to notice that the new skin displays none of Irelia’s unique Ionian appearance. 

Irelia’s original character design and portrayals in other League of Legends cinematics exhibit her distinct upward-slanted eyes, described as a trait of people in her hometown. However, the uniqueness of the Champion’s design seems to be indistinguishable in the new art

The player community in r/LeagueofLegends on Reddit also criticized the new skin. In a post sharing the latest Porcelain skin line, many users commented that the Irelia art “doesn’t even look like her.” 

Furthermore, some comments also suggest that the Bruiser Champion looks different in every new skin line. With some poking fun over the matter, stating that this is Irelia’s “sixth face and counting.” 

As changing faces and inconstant Character designs seem to be a chronic issue for League of Legends and its community, another user on X shared a meme critiquing the game’s tendency to give its female Champions the same appearance. 

The League of Legends 2024 Porcelain Skin line will be available in the game’s shop on the 14.4 patch, coming February 22, 2024. 

Do you think Porcelain Irelia is unrecognizable compared to her original character design? Or do you enjoy exploring different appearances and skins on your League of Legends main? 

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