Eternals coming to League of Legends in Patch 10.5 1

Riot Games has announced that Eternals are coming to League of Legends in Patch 10.5, which is expected to go live on March 4.

Eternals are Riot’s new way to track achievements. At release, every champion will have two Eternals series. The Starter Series, which can be bought with Blue Essence or Riot Points, has ‘Common Eternals.’ These will track things like Kills and Assists, or Structures Destroyed. The other series available, ‘Series 1’ (indicating there’ll be more to come out), has Eternals that are specific to that champion. Aatrox’s, for example, has one called ‘Worlds Ended,’ which tracks how many enemies he has killed during World Ender. Leona has ‘Blade Breaks’ which tracks how many Shield of Daybreaks (Q) after Zenith Blades (E) she has done on the same targets.

Some of these will show prowess and skill on a champion, such as Lee Sin’s ‘Bicycle Kick’ which will track how many times he has Dragon Kicked (R) a champion towards his team. Others, especially the Starter Series, will simply track how much you have done with that champion, reflecting on how much you have played them.

Each of the Eternals is based on one of Runeterra’s deities, each representing a different way the game can be played. Every achievement is tracked under a different Eternal. Shielding allies would fall under The Warden, while killing enemies would fall under The Warrior. As players reach milestones with each Eternal, they will gain their favor. Each Eternal holds a flame which burns brighter as their favor is gained. The aim is to rekindle them fully.

How are Eternals shown?

The first time you’ll see Eternals is on the loading screen. Currently, you can click on a player’s ‘card’ to see their mastery points, in the future this will display the Eternal stats. Players will be able to choose what Eternal stats are shown on their cards and can choose from all series they own. Regardless of whether players have chosen to display them or not, all Eternals will be tracked. Remember, Eternals are purchased per champion. Purchased Eternals will be attached to their champion in the ‘Collections’ tab.

Eternals coming to League of Legends in Patch 10.5 2

Once inside the game, every time a player reaches a milestone there will be a pop-out announcing it. The announcements can be turned off, either having all on, team-only on, or self-only on. The announcements are little boxes that pop out on the right hand of the screen, showing the milestone. We’ve seen a Nasus get his 250th Q stack and his 10th Takedown; and a Pyke got ‘Double Crossed,’ presumably from getting two consecutive kills with his ultimate. They take up no space, but are a nice way to show achievements, as well as showing how good players are at their champion. Getting a pop-up for a Lee Sin getting their 100th Bicycle Kick should give faith that they are decent at Lee Sin.

In addition to this, Eternal stats similar to what is shown during the loading screen will be shown on the death screen. Whenever a player is killed, they will see the Eternal stats of the player who got the last hit on them.

After reaching five milestones for a specific Eternal, players will be able to compete for a Personal Best. Personal Bests will track your best, single-game stats for a certain Eternal, and let everyone know when players surpass it through a special call-out in-game. For example, if a player has 10 kills as their personal best, getting 11 kills will trigger the announcement. It seems these are Eternal specific, not champion specific.

After reaching 15 milestones in a series, from any of the Eternals, the champion’s Mastery emote will be upgraded to show players have true mastery on their champion.

Eternals coming to League of Legends in Patch 10.5 3

While Eternals for your champion will still be displayed on the loading screen, game modes like ARURF will not track milestones. There will be an Eternal icon in the game lobby to show whether the game mode supports Eternals or not.

When a new champion is released, their Starter Series will release alongside them. Their Series 1 set will then release the patch after. Champions that get updated so their Eternals no longer apply, will have their Eternals retired into ‘Legacy Eternals.’ These will still show their stats but will no longer be tracked, and will be replaced with a new Eternal.

Players will not be able to gift Eternals to others. But Eternals will have their own capsule as a reward for Ranked Splits. In the Eternal Capsules, players will find Orange Essence and two Set Shards. Set Shards can be used to unlock a specific champion’s Eternal Series.

There are no requirements for purchasing Eternal Series,’ and no level requirements. They can be purchased if the player does not own the champion. The Starter Series will cost 2500 Blue Essence or 225 Riot Points; whilst Series 1 can only be bought with Riot Points, costing 600. This is per champion, but a Pass is available to purchase the Eternal Series for every champion and future ones. A Pass for the Starter Series will be 1350 Riot Points or 14,750 Blue Essence. The Pass for Series 1 will be 5850 Riot Points.

All information can be found in Riot’s FAQ as well as in their video.

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