League of Legends "double headshot" bug makes Caitlyn a late-game nightmare 1

Marksman Caitlyn is proving to be a monster on the botlane as a serious League of Legends item bug allows her to deal double damage from her passive. 

It seems Caitlyn mains are in for a treat, as League of Legends players have discovered a bug that lets the marksman deal twice the improved damage from her Headshot passive.

The bug benefits from Titanic Hydra’s new active ability that empowers your next basic attack with bonus physical damage. 

A clip shared by Dribblar on YouTube shows Caitlyn players completely decimating foes with the bug. As the critical strike damage deals over one thousand damage, Caitlyn can be seen deleting botlane enemies with ease. 

How does Caitlyn’s Titanic Hydra bug work? 

First, you need to remember Caitlyn’s passive ability, Headshot. Headshot lets Caitlyn deal significantly greater damage on her fifth auto-attack that scales along with her critical strike chance. 

The bug comes from the updated Titanic Hydra. Given the right timing and quick hands, you can activate Titanic Hydra as your improved auto attack is well on its way to your enemy.  The auto attack reset of Titanic Hydra is also marked as a Headshot, dealing lethal damage to the enemy. 

League of Legends "double headshot" bug makes Caitlyn a late-game nightmare 2

It is important to note that you should activate Titanic Hydra before the Headshot passive damages your enemy. 

Meanwhile, the original poster on YouTube reminds players to build attack damage and critical strike items first before Titanic Hydra. It is more beneficial for players to build Titanic Hydra as the second item after Stormrazor to avoid a disadvantage during the early game. 

League of Legends players are surprised that the bug, initially discovered during the 2024 Season Public Beta Environment, is yet to be patched by Riot Games. Some players on Reddit suggested that developers are aware of the bug and that it should be fixed in upcoming updates. 

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Would you be trying this Caitlyn trick before the Titanic Hydra hotfix? Let us know in the comments below if Titanic Hydra Caitlyn is really worth the build. 

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